Prison Break: Scylla Recap

“What’s the matter, you eat some bad Mexican? Something like that.” ~ T-Bag and his cannibalistic tendencies.

Prison Break is back! Am I imagining? Is it a dream? No! It’s really happening! Airing before any other network show, and boy what a premier. Both episodes were packed. First episode up in the two hour premier was Scylla. Scylla refers to what not only the episode was revolved around, but what the series is about as well.

Scylla started off with a monologue by Michael. He was writing a letter to an unknown person. Basically the letter is letting everyone know that he is avenging Sara’s death, and it will all be over before the sun goes down. For the past three weeks, he has been spying on Gretchen and Whistler. This particular day, they were after a mysterious computer card. We learn quickly that it is very important, as Whistler pennies up 50 million dollars for it, and then kills the guy who gave it to him.

But wait, Whistler is up to something. He copies the computer card, only to be stopped by Michael Scofield, and he is not very happy. Wondering what is taking so long, Gretchen walks in on Michael and Whistler, and Michael is about two seconds away from blowing her away when she blurted out something about Sara being alive. This would have been so much more amazing if FOX didn’t pull their publicity stunt involving Sara’s life. Since Whistler has a gun on Michael, the only way to find his one and only is to let them go, which he does.

Gretchen meets up with the head of the company. This is the same bald man we have seen in all three seasons of Prison Break. He wasn’t very happy. The computer card given to him was a copy of the original. This took Gretchen by surprise as Wyatt, a hit man for the company came out of a car. She begged for her life, but Wyatt raised his gun in her direction. From this point forward, we think she was killed.

Now that Gretchen and Whistler are out of his reach, Michael called his brother.

You got some ‘splanin to do!

Lincoln is still living in Panama with Sofia and LJ, I guess they are one big happy family. If you were wondering how the inmates at Sona escaped, well Lincoln told Michael in about two full seconds “Sona burnt down.” I’m no rocket scientist, but wouldn’t it take a while for an entire prison to burn to the ground? What about the snipers and police officers right outside? Oh well, I’m not going to think much about it, because they are out, and I can’t wait to see them. Michael tells Lincoln about Sara. When Lincoln saw the head, it was only for a split second in the dark, and LJ only heard Sara get killed, so maybe?

Mike gets a message on the show’s fictional message board telling him to meet at the Santa Monica pier. Whoever sent it has info on Sara. When he got there, he met up with Mahone, who said he’s working with Whistler against the company. The card they were after is a “company black book” with information on all the members of the company, and their whereabouts. When he asked about Sara, Mahone said Whistler has that information, and together they went to see Whistler.

At their meeting place, Whistler told Michael that Sara is back home in Chicago. He also said to take down the company he is going to need his bird book from season three. Not another word escaped from his lips as he was gunned down by Wyatt. Mahone and Michael ran away, while Wyatt grabbed Scylla (computer card).

The episode takes it’s attention off of Michael for a few minutes, and shows us what else is happening in the world. First, we see that T-Bag is living with the “nun” from last season. He still has the bird book and is after Michael. Then we see Lincoln and Sofia talking about pie, and he notices a member of the company spying on him. He ran after the guy and killed him. Unfortunately, the cops were there to arrest him.

So Michael was able to get himself to Chicago. He stopped to make a phone call to business man he knows to help him find Sara, but Chicago PD found Michael and took him into custody. Back at the police station, we meet a new character, Agent Don Self, who offers Michael freedom in exchange for Scylla. Mike said he wants to see Sara first.

Mahone, Sucre, and Bellick are then arrested, almost in unison. Mahone was caught at his house, at the scene of a crime. Sucre and Bellick were arrested at the hospital, where we got to see Sucre’s baby for the first time. [Quick question: Are Sucre and Bellick that great of friends to be hanging out together?]

Before Agent Don could explain more about the plan to go against the company, It is learned that somebody bailed him and his brother out. It was Bruce Bennett, who took Michael to see Sara!

It has been three weeks since he learned she was dead, but it has been a year, give or take, since we learned that. So I think it wasn’t as great for Michael as it was for us. Sara has some serious scars from what happened to her. It wasn’t long before Wyatt found them and started shooting. Thankfully, they got away, and Michael called Agent Don to tell him that they are accepting his offer.


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