Prison Break: Breaking and Entering Recap

“Breaking and Entering” is the second episode of Prison Break in its special 2-hour premier. Last episode we were shown that the Michael just made a deal with Agent Don Self to take down the company. Sara is alive, and we were introduced to some interesting new characters. Also a number of important characters were killed off, like Whistler, Gretchen, and Mahone’s family, all by Wyatt. The next episode was just as great, and just as packed as the last episode.

After Michael decided to help out in taking down the company, he realized he is going to need all the help he can get, so he and Lincoln reunite with the rest of the gang, which is Mahone, Sucre, and Bellick. To protect his identity, Michael removed his tattoo. I understand why, but his tattoo is a symbol of what the show is about, and it was sad to see it go.

So the gang are transported to Los Angeles, and are given leg bracelets, so Agent Self can track the gangs every move. They are then guided to a secure building, which will most likely be their headquarters for the remainder of the season. We are introduced to Roland Glenn, who is a computer hacker and in Lincoln’s definition, a “doofus.” Though he is more respected later on, when he pulls out a device straight out of a James Bond movie. His device steals electronic data. He calls it a “Electronic Black Hole.”

The gang finds out where The Company’s headquarters is, but it is highly secured with agents walking around the entire premise. They decide that they need a well thought-out plan to get into that house to retrieve Scylla.

Sara takes Michael aside and tells him that Scylla is a reference to Homer’s classic novel, “The Odyssey.” Scylla was a six-headed monster in the story, and Odysseus had to sacrifice his team in order to stop the monster. Michael isn’t ready to sacrifice his team, and is sure there is a more simple way.

So, the gang had an idea. Sara sat at a bus station next to a Mexican woman, and dropped the 007 device in her purse. The lady was a housekeeper for The Company’s headquarters. It was the only way to get the device inside the house to steal Scylla’s information. The plan worked, she brought the device into the house, it got the information, and she left the house. To retrieve the device, Bellick acted like a purse-snatcher and stole her purse, only the device was gone. She found it in her purse, thought it was her bosses, and left it inside the house. So now the gang is back to square one. They must find a way to get into the house themselves, and get the device back.

So at night, the team had a complex plan. Bellick and Sucre broke into the house next door, and the alarm went off. This distracted the agents guarding The Company’s headquarters. Michael and Mahone were able to get inside and grab the device. Also Mahone noticed a picture of the owner’s son sitting on a desk. You could see revenge in his eyes, but Michael pulled him out of the house before it was too late.

Back at headquarters, Roland Glenn runs into a huge problem. Scylla is only a small slice of the “pizza” there are five other parts that they need to find. This is mainly what the rest of the season is probably going to be. Then at the very end, we see something is happening to Michael. He gets a bloody nose, which I’m guessing is not a very good thing. He might have some kind of brain tumor.

Then there was T-Bag’s story line. T-Bag was double crossed by his money hungry drivers. They left him and a fat Mexican man stranded in the desert. They haven’t had any food in a few days, and the heat got to them. The Mexican man with T-Bag attacked him, but everyone knows that if you attack him, T-Bag will kill you. When wondering why he was attacked, it occurred to him. The fat man was hungry. So good ol’ Theodore did the unimaginable, he ate the Mexican! I know T-Bag is bad news, but cannibalism, oh man! Soon enough, T-Bag caught up with a couple teenagers who were willing to give him a lift to San Diego, the next location in the bird book. At San Diego, he found a few things in a locker. He found a package and an ID badge for Whistler. I have a feeling T-Bag and the Brothers will meet up very soon. I can’t wait to see that.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but this season is beginning to feel a little bit like the Oceans 11 movies. With the whole gang working together on a big plan. Then the music used in the promo videos sounds almost like it was borrowed straight out of Oceans. I have a feeling this season will be about 10 times better than season three, but at the same time I think the first two seasons will rule. The countdown to next week starts now.


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