TV REWIND: Day Break


Who remembers “Groundhog Day”? I know I do. In fact, Groundhog Day was one of my favorite movies back in the day, still is. The idea of somebody re-living the same day over and over again is intriguing. Filmmakers around the globe have borrowed that idea for their own projects, and for the most part it’s for comedy. For “Day Break” they use that idea, and make an action thriller out of it.

Day Break has a few familiar faces among its cast. Brett’s girlfriend, Rita, for example; Rita is played by Moon Bloodgood, who some viewers may recognize her as Livia in NBC’s Journeyman. Adam Baldwin also co-stars as Chad Shelten. Chad is also more commonly known for his roll as Casey in NBC’s popular show, Chuck. And finally, who can’t remember Mitch Peleggi as Detective Skinner in the X-Files?

When it first aired in 2006, I meant to watch it, but I never had the time. Now I have, and I actually think it was done pretty well. There is only one problem with the whole idea of Day Break. How do you possibly make more than one season? In the long run, it only had one season. It would have been better to make a short series than an actual full season. But they did best with what they got, and that’s what counts.

The show is about Brett Hopper, who is a detective that has just been charged with murder, the only problem is, he didn’t do it. So every day, he wakes up and has to re-live the same horrible day, Groundhog Day style, and he needs to figure out how to stop it from happening by collecting new clues every day.

There was actually an interesting twist to this show. It’s not his fault this is happening. Somehow, somebody is controlling the day to loop. We know this because from the pilot, whenever he is hurt, he’d wake up the next day with scars of what happened prior. That small fact made the show more enjoyable to watch.

One thing that kept this show going is that even though it was the same thing over and over for 13 episodes, the mystery and suspense built up by more clues held the show together. I’m sure anyone that was watching this was glued to their television sets, wanting to know more. Whenever Brett did something right, the day would change slightly, he would help someone, and their day would be different, effecting his day as well.

The only problem I guess I can say for this show is that if you watch each episode in order (the way I did), then it’s going to get a little old. Sure enough each episode is different in its own way, and that’s great, if you’re watching an episode each week. Movies like Groundhog Day are great because it’s only an hour and a half to two hours. A full season of a TV show is around 20 hours, so you can see how old it’d start to get after a while. Though the day wasn’t always the same, for some odd reasons, it changed majorly, either for the better or worse, which made the show more compelling to watch.

When it comes down to the series finale, I was curious to see how it all went down. Would the day end? Would they leave it open for another season? Well, I was happy to see that it did have a good finale. A solid series finale, and it did leave it open for a second season. Even though it had no second season, I am quite happy with how it ended. Left my mind wondering what happened here and there, while at the same time satisfied with how it ended. Well that’s it, peace out!


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