PSYCH: There Might Be Blood – Recap

Like last week’s episode of Monk, this episode of Psych mainly took place out on the ocean. It my only be me, but I am really starting to think that water episodes of TV shows are among the weakest in a series. I could be wrong. One thing is for sure, that even though this episode was weak, it was a heck more interesting than last week’s Monk.

In this episode, Shawn and Gus have to investigate the apparent accidental death of a Safety Inspector who fell off of an Oil Rig. This of course, was after he was hit by a crane. The coast guard ruled it an accident, but the police department was informed by an anonymous tip that something suspicious was happening on that rig. So Chief Vic brought Shawn and Gus on a ship, and they were on their way when the Chief’s sister stopped them.

Apparently law enforcement runs in their family, because her sister was the leader of the coast guard. And this episode, if anything other than the murder, was about sibling rivalry. It’s always fun to see sisters fight.

Of course the coast guard and police station don’t have the genius skills Shawn and Gus have, so it’s without question that Shawn found evidence that it was, in fact, foul play. You see, the Geologist was told to make a fake map, because whoever the killer was, which in the long run was unimportant, was trying to cover up a “boo boo.” The rig was drilling over fault lines.

So Shawn and Gus save the day again. It was a weak episode, but it still is watchable, I probably wouldn’t really care to see it again, but I would if I had to. See you in two weeks, Peace out!


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