MONK: Mr. Monk Falls in Love – Recap

Go, Mr. Monk! From all the years watching this show, we’ve really never seen an episode like this one. We finally see Monk happy and not freaking out about every little thing. I enjoyed this episode a lot.

The episode starts off with Randy on a date! Of all people, who would’ve guessed, he found himself a nice lady friend. Randy’s date ends abruptly when the cab they stepped inside had a murder victim inside. What was the murder weapon you ask? A hat pin used to stab him in the neck.

One of the suspects in this murder case was Leila, a foreign girl with a strong accent. All evidence strongly points to her, but Monk isn’t convinced because the first time in years, Monk actually started to like another girl. I’m actually happy for the guy. Poor guy has been pathetic, no offense, for what seems like an eternity, and here he found a girl he was attracted to.

Monk doesn’t let this go, and Captain Stottlemeyer can’t exactly trust Monk’s opinion, due to his infatuation with the suspect. So Monk tells her he can’t see her anymore, due to legal terms, but for some unknown reason (love) he can’t bring himself to leave, and they end up dancing. This was a nice scene. Monk held her hand and waste, not even freaking out, just lost in the moment. That’s when the cops decided to bust in and arrest her.

Apparently, the murder weapon had her family crest on it, and this is when she confessed to murdering the cab driver. It was a clear cover up for someone else in her family, but the real question is, who in their right mind would kill someone with something with your family crest embedded on it, then LEAVE it in the victim?

Monk couldn’t let his pookie go to prison, so using his amazing detective powers, he found out that the true killer was Leila’s very own mother. She killed the cab driver, because he killed her whole family years before. When they made the mistake, the police station let Leila go, and arrested her mother. Unfortunately, this is where she got angry at Monk, and told him to get back to his wife…ouch.

Oh, Mr. Monk, you’ll find happiness someday.

Now I feel sad for the guy. For once in his life, Monk got what he needed, and he was happy. Now, he is back to square one. Our beloved detective, who’s even more screwed up in the head than he was before. Peace out!


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