IN PLAIN SIGHT: A Fine Meth Recap

This episode started off right where last weeks left off. Mary is still coping with the fact that she was kidnapped, and was forced to kill a man. Also, Mary’s sister is under close observation in a serious murder investigation, not to mention the amount of drugs she carried in her suitcase.

You see, Mary has a problem. She works for the US Marshalls, so she has an obligation to turn in her sister if she confessed anything. Mary’s mother got pretty ticked about that fact. She thought it was terrible that Mary would turn her own flesh and blood in to the police.

This episode had a lot of issues I actually didn’t like about it. For instance, even though it did show some really great character building, I thought the fight between Mary and her mother and sister was a bit drawn out. It was great at first, and then it was like an opposite chick-bonding moment gone bad. Another thing I thought was stupid was the fact the Mary was freaking out over the fact she killed someone. I may be wrong, but aren’t you a US Marshall. I figured she has been there done that.

So after Mary’s boyfriend visited her home drunk, he told her something that she took to heart. He told her that Brandi, her sister, was afraid they would lose their relationship. He said “will you just tell her? Just tell her that you are still her sister?” Which is what gave Mary the idea to finally help out her sister in this situation she got herself into. So she took her sisters suitcase and left the house, only to be stopped by a dozen police units. After going though the suitcase and only finding clothes, Mary was in the clear.

So where was the meth? Mary secretly handed it off to her boyfriend, who transformed it to the white sidelines in baseball. That was brilliant if I must say. Though you have to wonder, if the players slide in face first all the time, you’d think some meth would get into their system. Oh well, minor detail.

Well this was it, the season finale! I actually enjoyed last weeks episode better, but this weeks was just as good, peace out!


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