TV REWIND: Supernatural: Season 2

Wow. When it came to “The X-files,” there was not much of a back story if you think about it. Well, sure, there was a back-story, but when it comes right down to it, Supernatural surpasses that on such a big level. Like I said in my review of the first season, I was unsure if I’d actually like this show, but the story got so deep, and the acting was done so magnificently this season that the viewers really have no choice but to love it.

The season started right off where the last left us, in a car crash with the brothers and their father. The creators then decided to kill off the boys’ father for a deep importance for the remainder of the season. This season really got more dramatic, as we learn that Dean is having a really hard time coping with his father’s death, blaming himself.

Sam, on the other hand, has his own problems to deal with. This is where the show gets interesting. Last season we saw that Sam has some psychic abilities. That small detail is the main issue this season. The “yellow-eyed” demon that killed their mother in the past is putting together an army to start a massive war, and Sam is supposedly supposed to lead this army.

The war is still yet to come, and I can only imagine that the next season will be primarily about that. Also, Dean sold his soul to a demon after Sam died to bring him back. The demon gave Dean a year to live, which I can only guess, will be in the finale of season 3. Time can only tell. I myself cannot wait to watch the next season. Watch for my review in a week. Peace out!


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