PSYCH: Disco Didn’t Die, It Was Murdered! Recap

Alright, show of hands, who noticed the change in the theme song this week? I actually liked the extension. It had more to show in its intro, so it worked for me.

So this episode, we got to see more interaction between Shawn and his dad as they worked a case together. The case they were working on was Henry’s biggest case when he worked on the force, and due to some complications, the case was opened up again. Not only were they working together, we were able to see some really interesting similarities between father and son. Apparently, Henry can do what Shawn does. I never knew that.

So several years ago, Shawn’s dad busted a guy for putting together some bombs, and because they were set to blow up the police department, Henry was a hero. Now, evidence is pointing to the fact that this guy may be innocent, and that was driving him a little bonkers.

You guys see Gus’s new car that he bought for $450 dollars? It was joked around as an old disco-mobile this episode, but I have a pretty good feeling this will be the new car from now on.

So as it turns out, the man Henry arrested years ago was innocent, and Shawn put away the real evil-doers, which was a stepford-like couple living in a beautiful home. The episode did get a little confusing here and there, but it was pretty hysterical. Also, what happened to all the drama in this season? I was actually getting use to it. Oh well, this is the Psych I love anyways. Peace out!


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