MONK: Mr. Monk is Underwater Recap

Monk is one of my favorite USA programs. This episode, though, as funny as it was, was a little dull compared to other episodes of Monk. There were some obvious blue screen effects, and bad CGI done in this episode to make it look fake. Though my love for the show overpowered that.

In this episode Monk has to investigate a mysterious suicide that happened inside of a submarine. Now everyone can most definitely guess that since Monk has that fear of enclosed spaces, that he loses his mind. In fact he does, he starts talking to his imaginary friend, Dr. Bell.

Now, all due respect to the late Stanley Kamel, but when he played Dr. Kroger, Monk couldn’t stand any other therapist. This is only my opinion, but I think Monk is bonding way too quickly to his new therapist. I understand you can’t replace a beloved actor, but it almost seems like they are trying to. That is just my observation.

So this suicide happened inside of a locked room, and Monk must figure out how he was murdered. Scoping the victims room, he found a piece of plastic that had the distinct smell of gunpowder on it.

It was pretty obvious before the beginning credits that the captain was “the guy” it just wasn’t so obvious HOW he was the guy. That’s why we have dear old Monk. Well, Monk found a bottle in the captain’s room, and since the captain is the only person who drinks from those bottles, Monk put two and two together. The bottle was taped to the gun to silence it.

All in all, it was again, a weak episode of Monk. Hopefully they bring their A game next episode. What’s interesting is that Ted Levine who plays Leland in the show has never once missed an episode. So it was sad not to see him in this episode, just Randy. So if I am right, the only character who have been in every single episode are Monk and Randy. So catch you all next week, Peace out!


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