IN PLAIN SIGHT: Stan By Me Recap

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While this episode may have started off like any other “In Plain Sight” episode, it actually had a lot of stuff to it. The episode starts off with the ‘witness’ like always, but then something happened, and the witness went missing. That, however, was not really what the episode was about.

The episode was really about Mary getting kidnapped! Now, how only two men could take on a trained government official is beyond me, but they did. At first, you wonder why they took her, or what they wanted. It’s revealed about halfway in that it was a mistake. The original plan was to kidnap Brandy.

It was revealed in an earlier episode that Brandy went back to her hometown to deal drugs. When times got troubled, Brandy fled without dealing the drugs, and hoped it would all be over. This episode was a continuation from that episode. The men who kidnapped Mary, threatened to kill her if Brandy didn’t show up with the drugs.

When Brandy never showed up, Mary tried to stall time by offering her captures a good amount of money. Unfortunately, just after her offer, her cover as a US Marshall was blown. So before her head was blown away, Mary got herself free, and was saved by her friends with the US Marshalls.

Also, we got to see Mary’s mother sing a song for a play she is in. I don’t think this is a very important aspect to the series, but It’s still fun to watch.

I actually enjoyed this episode a lot. The format was done differently then the classic “In Plain Sight” episode. It’s always enjoyable to see a main character get kidnapped. Apparently there is only one episode left in the season, and it looks like one heck of an episode! See you then, peace out!


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