PSYCH: The Greatest Adventure in the History of Basic Cable Recap

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The classic format of Psych changed for this episode. Instead of a classic detective case, where Shawn and Gus are solving a murder of some kind, they are on the hunt for an ancient treasure, with their Uncle Jack, played by Steven Weber.

Uncle Jack, the treasure hunter

So when Shawn’s uncle comes back to town, he asks for Shawn and Gus’s help in finding a treasure. So with his fake psychic abilities and love for money, Shawn agrees to help. Together they all chase after the treasure, while at the same time, other evil men are chasing after it as well. That’s where the show lacked. I think we can all say we have seen this scenario fifty times in movies and television. We’ve seen it enough. We don’t need to see it in an episode of Pysch.

So I don’t need to really tell you what happens, because you can probably guess. The evil men get control and almost get the treasure, but Shawn outsmarts them, and takes the gold for himself. Oh yeah, and his Uncle is a lying pig. I pretty much figured this all out ten minutes in. The storyline does not fit into an episode of Psych. So I’d say that this episode was one of the weaker episodes this year, or even all series.

I was surprised after I watched this episode though. Lately, Psych has been experimenting with a lot of drama, and this episode was a little like an older episode of Psych, in the idea that it was just pure comedy. But take my advice, and just get back to what you’re best at, crime cases. Peace out.


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