TV REWIND: In Plain Sight: Season 1 (So far)

“In Plain Sight” is USA’s newest detective series. I don’t know why, but USA loves mystery shows. It’s what drives the network. Is that a complaint? No, not at all, they know how to make a show entertaining. That being said, I have found myself up to speed with this drama, and my analysis of the show is that it’s actually pretty good.

The show revolves around Mary Shannon, whose job is a US Marshall. Her job is to place people into witness protection. There really aren’t a whole lot of shows these days about witness protection. It’s good sometimes for a change. At first, I thought the performances weren’t even done that great. Now after I am caught up, I have warmed up to their acting, and now I actually enjoy it.

Initially, I didn’t like the show at all. The pilot episode in a series is the episode that is supposed to grab the audience’s attention, not thwart it. I hated the pilot, just because it was so confusing. There may be others who actually enjoyed it, but I found myself confused.

When a premier episode isn’t that great, I’ve been given the suggestion not to judge a show by its first episode, but by its first three episodes. Let me pass that advice onto you. Well, now that I’m caught up with the series, you can expect to see regular recaps and reviews of each episode. Peace out!


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