TV REWIND: Ghost Whisperer: Season 3

Over the past few days, I finished the entire third season of Ghost Whisperer. First off, let me say that I was not disappointed like I thought I might be. I’ve heard some things about the third season that weren’t so great, but honestly, I think they were wrong. I actually really enjoyed this last season and can’t wait for it to return in October.
This season revolved around the idea that Melinda came to Grandview for a reason. The reason being that all ghosts are somehow lead to Grandview. Always have been and apparently always will be.

Also, it revolved around the buried city under Grandview. The buried city is one of the most interesting parts of the story. Last season, we saw a man in a hat take souls hostage, and take them underground somewhere. This underground city is where he took them.
Every season finale, as far as I can tell, someone dies, usually a main character. First season it was Andrea, Melinda’s best friend. Second season Melinda actually died for a second, which is where the season really should have ended. Third season they trick you. Melinda’s mom, Melinda, Professor Payne, Delia, Ned, and Jim are all going to a movie, and Payne notices there are only five shadows on the ground while there are six people in the group. This has to mean someone is dead. My first reaction is Payne, but I really hope not, because right now, Payne is my favorite character, he brings balance to the show.

My only problem in the show is the plot holes. I don’t know if I missed them, but whatever happened to not only the man in the hat, but the laughing ghost, the man with the blood dripping from his fingers, and the strange evil man underground? Will they all come back for the series finale to try to stop Melinda? Only time will tell.
So, apart of the “Touched by an Angel” bits of the story, it was actually done very well. The darkness and mystery played a pretty big roll. It’s my guess, that season 4 will be just as dark, if not darker.

It will be hard waiting for the fourth season, seeing I watched all the seasons in about a week and a half. When it comes back, I will be back as well, reviewing each episode. Peace out!


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