PSYCH: Daredevils! Recap

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Who remembers Evil Knievel? I know I do, and this episode was indirectly a reflection off of Evil’s work. I followed Evil Knievel’s career back in the day, and because I did, I was able to pretty much guess where the show was going.

The episode starts off at the fair. I don’t know about you, but I myself recently went to the fair, and I can tell you for a fact that there were no Daredevils riding around on motorcycles. I guess I wasn’t as lucky. At the fair, a famously known daredevil, AKA “Dutch the Clutch” was performing a stunt. In the middle of the stunt, Dutch is hurt, and Shawn tells Gus that this was attempted murder…cue the intro music.

Even his suit was almost a direct copy of Evil’s

Dutch’s son Robbie, err I mean Lewis introduced Shawn and Gus to his father. It’s here that we learn that he really doesn’t think anything can harm him. He proves this by jumping off his balcony drunk as a skunk. We also learn that Dutch has an arch nemesis, a daredevil foe that is getting more popular by the minute. This is when I made the other connection to Evil Knievel. Evil’s son Robbie was also a daredevil who took his fathers place. It’s later proven that yes, I was right.

Although, contrary to their belief, his son was not out to kill him. Dutch was actually dying. This is when Shawn and the rest of the audience realized that Dutch was out to kill himself. Shawn has a heartwarming conversation with Dutch, telling him not to go through with it. He said that he understood that he was doing it for his family, that they needed the money, but what would they rather have, more money, or more time with him. With tears in his eyes, he listened to Shawn.

So, with all that being said, they are really taking this drama approach to a whole new level. Every episode this season has had a little drama, mostly family oriented. This episode it was about preventing suicide! Again, I am not sure I like this whole approach to drama, but I’ll keep an open mind.

On the side, Jules was trying to find the captain a girlfriend, and he thought she liked him. I just thought that was funny. Peace out!

Watch this full episode HERE


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