MONK: Mr. Monk Gets Lotto Fever Recap

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Monk gets lotto fever? More like Natalie Teeger gets lotto fever! After the brutal murder of a famous “lotto-girl” Monk’s assistant, Natalie is asked at the crime scene to come by to call that night’s lotto numbers. Monk, of course, was against the whole thing because of the fact that he is indeed a selfish selfish man.

So that night, Natalie goes for it, and calls out the lotto numbers. I can’t be sure about anywhere else in the world, but everywhere I’ve ever lived, a “lotto-girl” was never popular. The lottery was the lottery, that’s it. However, she got widely recognized as the new face of the lottery, and everyone loved her for some reason.

Since Monk is so selfish, he really starts to notice how much he misses being the one that everyone loves. He misses being a celebrity. Now Natalie obtained the celebrity power, and since he can’t stand it anymore, he forced her to decide between him and the lottery. Well, since Natalie is also selfish, she chose the lottery, because she liked all the attention.

Soon after this, we learn that the antagonist in this episode was none other than the lottery sound engineer. Monk found out later in the episode that he was planning to win big in the lottery, 212 Million dollars to be precise. The only problem was when Natalie took the job at the lottery, she accidentally got him fired.

With the machine rigged, the same numbers would come up over and over again. So to take the suspicion off of himself, the sound engineer planted a winning lottery ticket with Captain Leland Stottlemeyer. Monk did his thing, and knew exactly what went down in about two minutes.

I liked this episode, like always, but I do have a problem with it. We saw a similar episode of Monk a few seasons ago with basically the same plot. It was about the lottery, and a rigged machine. So I have to admit that this is a more weaker episode of Monk, but I did have fun watching it.

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