TV Rewind: Ghost Whisperer: Seasons 1 & 2

For the past week, I have just completed watching the first two seasons of “Ghost Whisperer.” You may be thinking to yourself, ‘Get a life, bum!’ I assure you, however, that I do in fact have a life. I just so happen to have a lot of time on my hands at the moment. So I’m going to take this time to make a quick review of the first two seasons, because I have to go to work in about 20 minutes.

Ghost Whisperer: Season 1

I’ve heard about Ghost Whisperer ever since it began to air in 2005. I wasn’t a fan of the idea the show was going for, so I never watched it. That being said, after watching it now, I’m a fan. The concept of every episode is basically the same. A ghost comes to Melinda for help, she tries to help them, people don’t believe a word she says, the ghost gives proof that they exist, everyone cries, and the ghost finally goes into the light.

The first half of the season was just that over and over again. You can say it was overall a show for the ladies. There wasn’t a whole lot in the show that was for guys. Then later in the season, it introduced some very dark mysterious characters. This gave the show the testosterone I was looking for. Some darkness to the mix. All of that built up for the season finale, of which, I absolutely loved. I never had so much fun watching a twisting ending since the sixth sense. To tell the truth, I couldn’t understand how they could beat that in the next season finale. I’ll get to that in a second.

Ghost Whisperer: Season 2

Again, the darkness and mystery was still playing a vital role in the second season. It calmed down for just a while towards mid-season, but came back again towards the end. One thing I loved about this season in particular was Jay Mohr’s character, Professor Rick Payne. Jay isn’t seen in a lot of television, or movies, but I think he is a great actor, and has a lot of potential. They also introduced a new character this season, Delia, who becomes Melinda’s new best friend and co-worker. She has an alright back story, but for some reason, I just really didn’t care for her character for most the season. I warmed up to her towards the end though.

Again, they started showing new dark mysterious characters. But the main conflict in these seasons was the ‘five signs’ of destruction. I don’t remember them all, but they were all interesting, and all led up to the season finale, which also was terrific. This finale was just as good as season 1’s, but I thought it dragged out for an extra two minutes that it should have. It should have ended on the cliffhanger of Melinda is dead. That would have been better than last season’s finale.

Putting that aside, I liked how they wrote this season. I loved the ending. And I liked how it’s leading to the third. I’ve read reviews of people who loved the third season the best, and I’ve read reviews that it isn’t so great. I know the season was also cut short because of the disastrous writer’s strike. I myself can’t wait to watch it this coming week, and I’m sure to review it as well. So look forward to that, peace out!


2 thoughts on “TV Rewind: Ghost Whisperer: Seasons 1 & 2”

  1. i’d like to point out that no matter what happends i’ll always be a huge fan of ghost whisperer. ive got scared and i even cried expecially when andrea had to cross over. and i know i will cry even more when her husband jim dies but ill say to myself not to worry because jim stays with her. i’ll always enjoy this show. suprisently i love it more than veronica mars because ican relate to it no offense kristen bell. i perfer ghost whisper and im also a fan of jennifer love hewitt and i love her work stay tuned for more. i assure you im anxious for threshold too.

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