Lost: There’s No Place Like Home (Pt. 2) Recap

Finally, after a week of no Lost, we get a two-hour season finale. What an episode! We start off right away with a flash-forward. The flash-forward was the same one from last season’s finale. You know where Jack has his mountain-man beard, ranting on about getting back to the island? Yeah that. Kate drove off, but turned around and had a fight with Jack. The person in the coffin last season was……

JEREMY BENTHAM! Wait a second….who?

Back in the jungle, Jack and Sawyer show up at the “Orchid Station” They meet up with Hurley. John is also there, watering plants, or something.

That’s right, my pretties, grow!

On the freighter, Michael, Jin and Desmond are looking at the butt-load of C4. They need to find a way to take care of it fast, or else the whole place goes BOOM!

At the helicopter, Keamy shows up with Ben as a hostage, and is ready to leave. Kate then shows up running from the forest. She then continues to say that Ben’s men are chasing her. Keamy’s men go out into the jungle to secure the area, but a big gun fight ensues, and Kate rescues Ben. When Keamy sees Kate leaving with Ben, he chases after them, and sure enough, Sayid pounces out of the shadows, and attacks Keamy.

They have a big fight, and just as Keamy was about to kill Sayid, Richard shot Keamy in the back. So the whole thing was an agreement. Ben’s rescue, for the freedom of Kate and Sayid. Fair enough, says Ben.

There was another flash forward. This time we see Hurley, still in his mental state. Who comes to visit him? Walt. Walt said none of the Oceanic 6 came to visit him, but Jeremy Bentham did.

On the island, we learn that, yes, Hurley is still eating those 15 year old crackers, and even offers some to Sawyer, who also eats some. Come on guys, that’s gross! Jack is talking to Locke, who told Jack that he wants him to stay on the island, not to leave. Jack’s like, are you dumb? Out of the midst of the jungle, Ben showed up, and tells Jack to get everyone together, and leave as soon as possible. John and Ben then go underground, into the “Orchid Station.”

On the freighter, Michael comes up with a brilliant idea, as a floating light bulb switched on over his head. He thinks that a good way to buy some time is to freeze the C4. Although, they don’t have much C4, so once that is gone, they are dead.

Daniel arrived back on the island, and was getting ready for another batch of people to save. Before he went a second time, he pulled his buddies, Miles and Charlotte aside, and told them that they need to make sure they are on the next ride out. Miles just shrugs and said he was staying. Charlotte says she’s going, to which Miles gets confused as to why, since Charlotte apparently was really desperate to get BACK! That is added to my never-ending list of things I need to know about Lost.

Once down in the new hatch called “The Orchid,” John keeps asking questions like a 10 year old girl, so Ben shoves a video in John’s face and says, “Watch it.”

The video was an orientation for the station. It told about space and time, and not to put metal into the main room. Which, Ben was currently doing. Locke asks Ben if this was what he thought it was, to which Ben replies, “If you mean time traveling Bunnies, then yes.” Suddenly, someone started coming down the hatch as well…who is it? Guess we’ll find out later.

So the rest of the Oceanic 6 and Sawyer team up at the helicopter and leave. This was strange. Why was Sawyer going? He isn’t one of the Oceanic 6.

Keamy was the one that was coming down to “The Orchid.” Strange, I thought he was dead, but apparently he had a tough bullet-proof jacket. He was pretty angry, and wanted to kill Ben. John stepped out and said, “Hey, lets be friends.” Just about when Keamy was going to give John a big friendly hug, Ben jumped out of his hiding spot, and went all ninja on Keamy, saying, “You killed my daughter!”

Johns freaking out, because the device on Keamy’s arm is a heart rate monitor, and if he dies, the people on the freighter all go boom! John says “You just killed everyone on that boat.” Ben replies very childish-like, “So?”

Charlotte flip-flopped her decision, and now she wants to stay on the island. Juliet also wants to stay. She said something about promising everyone else safety. You know what I am confused about? I distinctively remember Juliet wanting very much to get off the Island. Now she’s like, whenever is cool with me.

On the helicopter, the pilot noticed that they are steadily decreasing fuel, and they need to do something, fast. The team starts throwing everything off the helicopter that wasn’t bolted to the ground, but it wasn’t enough. The captain said he’d feel a whole lot better if an extra couple hundred pounds were left. So Sawyer whispers a little secret into Kate’s ear, and bolted.

That looks painful

In the next flash-forward, we see Sayid at Hurley’s mental hospital. He kills a security guard, and breaks into Hurley’s room. He tells Hurley that he needs to come with him right away. To which we see Hurley was playing chess with a invisible ghost of Mr. Echo.

In the Orchid station, John was trying to keep Keamy’s heartbeat up, so no one had to die, but he was too late. Keamy flat lined. The red light on the freighter went off, and Desmond runs up to try to warn the helicopter not to land, because the whole place was going to explode. But the pilot had no choice they were losing fuel. They land, and fuel the copter up a little bit before lift off again. In the copter flying away now, is the Oceanic 6, and Desmond. The last seconds of this scene, Christian shows up to Michael, and says you can go now. Then, kaboom, freighter explodes, telling us that Michael and Jin are now dead. Sun goes berserk.

In the next flash forward, we see an update with Sun. You know, I usually don’t like Sun & Jin’s storyline’s when it came to the flash-backs and what not. But this year, its actually pretty interesting. She meets up Widmore, and said they have a common interest, and wants to discuss with him further when he is ready. She also said that the Oceanic 6 weren’t the only ones to get off the island.

In the Orchid station, Ben finally finishes stacking metal object in the tiny compartment, and set it off. The room explodes. Sawyer swims back ashore, where he meets Juliet. You know what is funny about this scene, Sawyer isn’t even remotely tired, he was like, “Just felt like a dip!” Juliet was sitting there, pulling a Paula Abdul, and boozing it up. Sawyer wonders what she was celebrating, she said she wasn’t. Sawyer figured it out, she was looking out to the ocean, where smoke was arising. It was their boat.

In the Orchid Station, Ben was putting on the parka we saw him where previously on a Lost episode. He said he was going somewhere cold. Locke wondered where his nifty coat was, but Ben just said he wasn’t tagging along this time. This is where we learn that John Locke is the new leader of the Others. Locke=Ben… Weird.

The explosion in the station, revealed a small hole, to which Ben crawled through. In the hole, he dropped down to a sure enough, cold location. There were some strange symbols written on a wall. On the other side of the room, there was a giant wheel, to which Ben started to move.

I guess he is moving the Island then, right? Out of no where, a really loud and strange sound was heard by everyone, followed by a blinding light. Then boom! The island was gone, it disappeared.

Then David Copperfield popped up on the screen and said TA DA. Not really, but that would have been awesome.

To me, it almost looked like the Island sank, which leaves me with my newest theory. The Island is Atlantis!

On their way back to the Island, they witnessed the island disappear. The pilot freaks out, and runs out of fuel. So the helicopter crashes into the ocean. But its okay, they had an inflatable raft, and all gathered inside. But now they are screwed. They have no where to go!

In another flash-forward, Kate wakes up to a strange call. Another one of those backward talking people. She hangs the phone up, and goes to Aaron’s room. Inside, Claire is there! She warned Kate not to bring Aaron back to the Island. Alas, it was only a dream. Kate woke up, and no one was really there.

It’s night now, and the team still in the inflatable raft see a boat coming up. Jack tells them all that they have to lie, because their problem in the first place was a bunch of crazy men coming to the island to kill them, so they had to lie, to save the others. And in the boat was….PENNY! Finally, Desmond and Penny embrace.

Just like what you see in the movies

So now, a week later, the Oceanic 6 traveled to another island, and made it look like this was their rescue, and they have been lost for months. Desmond, however stays with Penny.

Finally, here we go. The last scene of the movie is the flashback where we learn who was in the coffin. Jack had to break into the funeral parlor, since it was closed. Ben then shows up. Jack tells Ben that (Jeremy) told Jack that after he left, terrible things happened at the island, and its all his fault. He also said that he had to go back. Ben said he was aware of how many attempts Jack had trying to get back, and was unsuccessful, then he said, that is because all of you have to go back, including him. Then the camera pans to see that “Jeremy Bentham” was…….JOHN LOCKE!

R.I.P. Mr. Clean

Awww. I liked John, that’s too bad. I can’t wait till next season!
Jack goes to funeral parlor at night. Breaks in. Ben shows up. Said bad things happened after he left, blamed him for it, and that he has to get back. They need everyone to go back, including him. John Locke is dead guy.


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