House – Wilson’s Heart (Pt. 2) Recap

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Tonight marked the season finale of House, and might I come right out and say, what a fantastic episode! The episode started off right where last week ended, so let’s get started!

House and Wilson are at the hospital that Amber was transported to. Together, they are trying to diagnose Ambers problem. With no luck, they haul her to an ambulance to the best hospital in the world, House’s hospital. On the way to the hospital, Wilson wonders why House was with her that night, but of course, House still has his case of acute amnesia, so he can’t recall. Wilson decides that in order to keep her stabalized, and to give House time to think, Ambers body temperature needs to be brought down, so that is what they do.

House thinking

While House is trying to think, Dr. Taub thinks that House may be having an affair with Amber. When House said that that wasn’t possible, Taub said it could have been the first time. Meanwhile, 13 and Kutner are searching through Wilson’s house for more clues. Quick question: Why don’t they just get Wilson to search his own house?

House has another encounter with his hallucination buddy, Amber. This time, she is being very seductive, and pouring House a particular glass of wine, and said something about electricity. This is when House woke up and realized what he needed to do next. He said he needed an electric shock to help him get his memories back. Cuddy plain and simple told him no, his brain couldn’t handle it.

When 13 and Kutner got back they showed everyone what they found. They found a vitamin bottle with some prescription drugs inside. Which meant she might be an addict. On the operating table, Amber’s eyes were turning yellow, which meant her liver was failing.

House decides to go down memory lane, and takes Wilson with him. Together, they go to the bar House went to last episode. He asked the bartender if he saw Amber with him that night, he said yeah, and it looked like she was fighting a cold. This was pretty funny. House than asked the bartender if he happened to see the color of Amber’s snot. The bartender said,


“No man, I didn’t look at your girlfriend’s boogers.”

LOL. So more references to the possibility that House and Amber could have been having an affair.

At the hospital, Amber visited House again to give him yet, another clue. The team was about to diagnose her with the wrong thing, so she showed House a bruise/rash on her backside. House took this as a sign that he may be starting to remember.

House than visits 13 in the ladies room, and confronts her about a problem she has been having. House knew that she was having a tough time coping with the fact that a formal co-worker and friend is dying, which resurfaced 13’s problem that I almost forgot about, the Huntington’s disease. House told her he knew she couldn’t work on this case, and to pack her things.


Foreman thinks House is going to end up killing Amber, and brings that to Cuddy. So together, they bring up Amber’s body temperature, so they can shock her. This ends up ticking Wilson off, as it turns out Cuddy and Foreman were wrong, whatever was wrong with Amber was now spreading to her brain.

Wilson does what he thinks is necessary next. He asks House, as a friend, to risk his life to save Ambers, and go ahead with the procedure of shocking House’s brain. Here’s what we learn:

  • House got his keys taken away at the bar, so he calls Wilson for a ride. Wilson, however, was on call that night, so Amber had to pick him up instead.
  • When Amber sneezed we saw that her snot was normal looking.
  • On the bus, House forgot his cane, so Amber got on the bus as well, to give him his cane.
  • While still on the bus, Amber complains about a cold she’s having, and pops some pills. House said she has Amantadine poisoning, and there is nothing they can do to save her. Then bus crash happens, and back at the hospital, House seizes.

So Chase wakes Amber up so Wilson can say goodbye one last time. This scene was really emotional. Not only this scene, but pretty much this point forward, I could see people tearing up from these last scenes. The whole team comes by to say goodbye, and Amber doesn’t seem upset as she dies. Wilson turns off the bypass, and cried alone by her side.

Inside House’s head, he is on a heavenly bus. On the bus, he is sitting next to Amber, and they talk for a little bit. He says he does not want to leave. He doesn’t want Wilson to be upset with him. But Amber simply told him, you don’t always get what you want. So House left the bus, and woke up from his little coma. To his side, Cuddy was there comforting him. House looked so depressed. He looked like he was blaming himself for Ambers death. Even Wilson stepped into the room later, but couldn’t bring himself to talk to House.

In the end, 13 had a test done to see if she had Huntington’s. The test came back positive for Huntingtons. Man what a depressing episode, but they did it so perfectly. The acting was so good in this episode. You got to love season finales! I don’t, however, enjoy the long breaks! My only remaining question is, will House be blaming himself for Amber’s death next season, and how is this turn of events going to change the friendship House and Wilson have? I guess we’ll see. Peace out!


One thought on “House – Wilson’s Heart (Pt. 2) Recap”

  1. OMG, I did not want Amber to die.

    It’s scary because I, too, have been given Amantadine to treat virus symptoms. It’s actually an older drug normally used in the treatment of Parkinson’s syndrome. Although there is supposedly no real treatment for viruses (virii?), Amantadine has receptors that the virus attaches itself to…and when the body rids itself of the drug, a LOT of the virus goes with it; thus weakening the hold of the virus in the body.

    I had no idea that one could overdose if the kidneys aren’t functioning.

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