American Idol: Top 2 Compete

Final 2

Its sad to say that, yes, American Idol will be ending tomorrow night. What’s more important is the fact that David Archuleta and David Cook went head to head tonight at the massive Nokia Theatre. This, is American Idol!

Tonight’s episode started off with a humorous act featuring the “Let’s get ready to rumble” guy doing his thing, introducing the two Davids complete with boxing gear. It was funny, but they did drag the joke on way too long throughout the episode to the point where it was just boring. We learned that after David Archuleta won a coin toss, he decided he wanted to sing second.

So David Cook was up first singing Clive Davis’s song choice “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”

  • Randy thought it was a very nice song choice.
  • Paula said that even though David Cook hasn’t found what he’s looking for, that she has found what she was looking for.
  • Simon thought that his performance was phenominal.

I thought that overall, this was Cook’s best performance of the night. 5/5.

David Archuleta came up next singing, “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down.”

  • Randy thought this was one of David’s best performances of the season, and that it was molten hot!
  • Paula said she got chills.
  • Simon said that this was David’s best so far.


Round 1 Predictions:
1. David Archuleta 5/5
2. David Cook 5/5

David Cook took the stage again singing, “Dream Big.”

  • Randy said something like the song was just okay for him but, David Cook’s face was awesome!
  • Paula wasn’t familiar with the song, but she loved it anyways.
  • Simon thought this song was a little lightweight, not a winning performance.


David Archuleta’s second song was, “In This Moment.”

  • Randy wasn’t crazy about the song, but since Archie can sing the phonebook, it was hot!
  • Paula thought the song was beautiful, and heart-felt.
  • Simon said it was the better song choice, and he won both rounds so far.


Round 2 Predictions:
1. David Archuleta 10/10
2. David Cook 9/10

David Cook came to the stage one last time singing his song choice, “The World I Know.”

  • Randy likes the fact that he was showing different sides to him tonight, and thought he did a nice job.
  • Paula applauds David
  • Simon said Cook was a very nice and sincere person, but it was the wrong song choice.


David Archuleta stole the crowd for the night, singing, “Imagine.”

  • Randy said that the song was so good, his vocals are so good, and that is what the show is all about.
  • Paula was speechless. She said he was stunning tonight.
  • Simon said last weeks performance was just okay, but this week, David knocked it out of the ballpark.


Final predictions:
1. David Archuleta 15/15
1. David Cook 13/15

Archuleta really surprised me tonight. I really think he did a great job, and beat Cook like nothin. Unfortunatley, I think we will be seeing David Cook leave us tommorow night. Peace out!


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