Smallville: Arctic Recap

Finally, the episode I have been waiting for the entire season seven of Smallville, the season finale. Now it may not have been as good as previous Smallville finales, but it got my vote. We got too see more special effects than I originally thought we would see, we saw Clark actually act like a hero for one, and of course, the famous season finale cliff-hanger. So let’s get started.

The episode started off with Edward Teague in a plane. When Kara suddenly showed up in the plane. This is where Kara goes crazy and interrogates Mr. Teague about where the device is that controls Clark. Frightened that she will kill him, Edward tells her that Lex has it. Kara thanks him by leaving him in the plane, and it crashing. Well, so much for the only surviving member.

It appears after we last left Lex, he was staring at a map to the Fortress of Solitude. Now we see what’s been going in with that. Apparently, he sent out a team to check it out, and the news came back that they have lost signal with his team. Jimmy showed up at Lex’s mansion a few seconds later.

Golly Mr. Luthor!

Lex decided that since Jimmy owes him a favor, he asked Jimmy to get Lois Lane off his back. He gave Jimmy some false information to give to Lois.

Back at the Kent farm, Lois showed up, and shoved a Daily Planet application in his face. Nice! Although, Clark said he does not want to work for Lex. Understandable, but, bummer. Maybe next season…

After Lois left, Chloe showed up. She gave Clark the newest headlines, Edward Teague was found dead. Upon further investigation, and the use of super-hearing, Clark found out that Kara was the culprit! This scene was just one bug recap to the first scene…boring!

At the masion, Kara is looking for the device. Apparently when she found it, it somehow hurt her. Clark showed up. He grabbed her, and they supersped to the barn. Wait a second, they were in Lex’s place. Wouldn’t he have some surveillance? Anyways, he tried to get answers out of her, but she just spin-kicked him. Ouch.

So Jimmy gave Lois the fake intel. She thanked him for being a good friend. Poor Jimmy, now he felt guilty.

Here’s a good scene. Lex got back home to his mansion, and Kara is just chillin’ in his seat. “What the crap are you doing here?” asks Lex, basically. Kara starts talking to Lex about Veretas. Lex acts his usual character and says, “Gee, I don’t know what you’re talking about, lady.” but he does, he knows it, and she knows it. She told him she was kryptonian, and that she was from the same planet as the Traveller. and that he has to stop the Traveller. He asked who it was, and she was all like,

“You’re kidding me..okay, think about it. If we come from the same planet.. And I am related to who? You’re a genius Lex, but its quite obvious that it’s Clark!”

Well that’s not what she said, but she should have!

Clark knows that he has to stop Kara, but the only way to do that is with kryptonite. So Chloe volunteers to subdue Kara.

So Jimmy showed up at Lex’s mansion again, saying he did what he was told to do. But Lex said he wasn’t done with Jimmy yet. Jimmy though, said he is not going to spy on his friend. Evil Lex says fine, and leaves. Oooh, what’s he planning?

So here is Chloe, she is about to force kryptonite on Kara. It didn’t work! Kara was not Kara. Kara was Brainiac this entire time! Well I guessed that like two episodes ago, but still. So Brainiac attempts to do to Chloe what he did to Lana. He does, but at the same time, he gets weak. Chloe’s power did something to him, it was weird.

Poor Chloe. 😦

So now Chloe isn’t doing so well. She is at the hospital, Lana-like. Clark can’t take it anymore. He needs to destroy Brainiac for good. Brainiac was at a power plant sweating like a pig. He was there to get energy. Clark, however wouldn’t let him, and so they duel. Quick question, how did Clark know where to go to find Brainiac? OK back to the scene. Brainiac told Clark that in order to save his friends lives, he must kill him. Brainiac doesn’t think Clark could kill a…nevermind, Clark did it, and so Lana and Chloe were saved. By the way, if anyone is wondering, Kara’s in the Phantom Zone.

So Lana woke from her comatose state. Clark went to see her, but she was already gone. She did, however send him a goodbye video. And yes, superboy stated crying over Lana again. What. The. Heck. So Lois sees Clark cry, and gave him a big Lane hug. That was pretty cool.

So back at Chloe and Jimmy’s house, Jimmy was so glad Chloe was okay, that he proposed to her.

Before she could say yes, (or no) she was arrested! Thats what Lex was up to. While they were whisking her away she shouted, “Get Clark!!!” Jimmy doesn’t question this request. I would.

Back at Clark’s barn, Clark is still crying, and Jimmy walked up and was trying to talk to Clark, but Lana-crazed, he wouldn’t say anything. Then Jimmy said Chloe was arrested, and Clark out of no where was ready for some hero action. Jimmy told Clark about Lex going to the arctic, and Clarks all like, “Oh crap.”

Tell me that doesn’t just look like a purple glowing snowball, and Lex and Clark aren’t going to have a big snowball fight!

Here we go. The moment we have all been waiting for. Lex arrived at the fortress of solitude. At the fortress, Lex’s device turned purple and started to glow. At that second, Clark walked into the fortress. Quote of the day time, Lex says to Clark, “I must admit, Clark. This is a big step up from the barn.” LOL! So Clark is trying to talk Lex out of doing anything stupid. Lex doesn’t listen, he just shoves the purple glowing orb into the control panel.

Know what happened next? The entire fortress was destroyed! Completley collapsing into the ground. Oh, did I mention they were still inside? What!?!?! To be continued…

That was an intense episode. I can’t wait how they explain everything next season. Peace out!


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