Lost: There’s No Place Like Home (Pt. 1)- Recap

Here we go. The Lost three hour finale, part 1! This show is moving so fast, and each episode has so much in it, so I guess I’ll get started!

The episode started with a flash-forward. This episode’s flash-forward did not belong to anyone specific. It was a flash-forward for every member of the Oceanic 6. The first thing we see is the cockpit of a plane. The pilot said they would be landing soon, so a member of Oceanic walked to the back of the plane, where the passengers were the Oceanic 6. This is the moment they all arrive back home. When they land, they were met by their families. Everyone they met we’ve seen before. Sun was met by her family. Jack had his mom. Hurley had his parents. Kate however, had no one.

That’s what you get for killing people, Kate!

On the beach, the losties are trying to figure out why a GPS was dropped overhead from the helicopter last episode. Jack gives the GPS/Phone to Daniel to call the others. They don’t pick up, necessarily, but they overhear the freighters talking about heading down to the “Orchid” station, and that freaks Daniel out a little bit. Jack decides he is going to stop the freighter people.

So! Jack and Kate are on an adventure! They have their handy dandy GPS with them, and then they hear something coming.

Kate and Jack dramatically bust out their guns that apparently never run out of ammo on the show, and pointed it to whoever was coming. Who came out? Miles and Sawyer, holding Aaron. Kate wondered where Claire was, and Sawyer said she was gone. They looked for her for a day, and all they found was Vincent’s dog poop. This angers Jack more, and goes after the people alone. Sawyer tossed the baby to Kate, and said, “I’m coming too!”

That’s right.  I can be a father figure. So screw you!

In the next flash-forward, we see Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley, and Sayid at a conference table talking to reporters. Apparently, they were feeding the press fake info. Some reporters didn’t look convinced, but that’s their problem. Sayid then had a long-awaited reunion with his girlfriend Nadia!

Is that a fat joke?

Sayid then arrived on the island. He told everyone they had to take this boat to the freighter, or else everyone would die.

So Locke, Ben, and Hurley are on their way to the Orchid station because they had to move the island. On top of a hill, Ben found a secret stash of items. He threw Hurley some crackers, which he reluctantly ate. Later on we realize the crackers are 15 years old.

Ew, dude.

Ben shoves a mirror at the sky and starts communicating with someone, not sure who though. I think its Jacob.

So Daniel Faraday is leading everyone to safety. A bunch of people go on the first trip to the freighter. The only Oceanic 6 members, however, were Sun and Aaron. Jin was on the boat too, which makes me wonder what’s going to happen to everyone? Jin doesn’t get off, so what happens to him. Once they get on the freighter, they see Michael just standing there.

We learn that Sun bought out a part of her fathers company, making her the boss of him. Funny. She was mad because apparently, it is partly her fathers fault for her husbands death.

We also learn more about Hurley’s return. He is still eating at Mr. Clucks. Upon arriving at his house, it looks like he is starting to go crazy as he hears island whispers.

He opens a door and oh ok. Its just a birthday party, had me thinking. Anyways, when Hurley was gone, his dad fixed up the car they had been working on in a previous episode. Hurley was so happy, but freaked out once the speedometer read those numbers we haven’t seen in a while, the same ones that have been haunting Hurley for years,



So Locke and the guys arrive at the Orchid station. The only problem is, the freighter guys already beat them to it.

Jack is now attending his dad’s funeral. I didn’t really understand the relevance to this scene, but it made sense later as Claire’s mom walks up to Jack, and told him his sister was Claire. Wow that must have been a surprising moment for him!

On the freighter, Michael is trying to explain himself to Sun and Jin. Desmond started yelling for Michael to help him out. It seems Desmond found a butt load of C4.

In the jungle, the mighty jungle, Richard showed himself and the rest of the others to Kate and Sayid. That was really cool. Maybe that, is who Ben was communicating with earlier.

Back at the Orchid station, Ben and the guys are still in the bushes spying on the evil-doers. Ben is laying out a complex plan for Locke to go to the actual Orchid station. Lockes like, what about the armed terrorists? Ben said he would take care of that. John asked how, and Ben looked at him with a look that said, “Dude, I’m a frickin’ ninja.” Fair enough. So Ben showed himself to the terrorists, to which Keamy came out, and knocked Ben out.

In the forest, Richard and the others are leading Kate and Sayid someplace. Weird. End part 1.

Wow. Good episode. So many questions, so little answers. Can’t wait till the two-hour season finale in week after next! Peace out!

Don’t miss the rest of the finale…


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