American Idol: Top 3 Results

David Cook. David Archuleta. Syesha Mercado. These are the only names left in American Idol. They are the top 3. One of them is going home tonight. This, is American Idol!

Wow. 56 million votes were cast last night. I am basically waiting for confirmination of my prediction that Syesha is going home. Everyone else was pretty much thinking the same thing, but hey, let’s just wait to see how the results turn up.

The trio came out singing, “Ain’t No Stopping Us Now.” It was an alright performance. But I’d rather get on with it, and see Syesha booted, so I can get on with the rest of my life. Then they showed the Ford music video set to “Heaven.” American Idol’s idea of heaven is apparently being filthy rich. Owning nice expensive cars, and living in mansions. I like the song though, so, cool. Fantasia, an ex-idol took the stage either singing “For Me,” or “Bore Me.” It doesnt matter though, because it certainly did bore me. Then Simon gave a really weird face. It either was saying he loved it and was stunned it was so good, or its the worse thing he has ever heard. I’m thinking it is the latter.

Finally idols were starting to walk towards Ryan. Crap, its not the results. They are just showing everyones trip home. I guess they were a little interesting. The first trip home was Archuleta’s. He was surprised to see so many people at his hometown so he started crying. Oh, and the phrase, “Gosh!” was slightly overused. Did I say slightly, I meant very overused. Almost annoying. But I like Archie.

Syeshas trip home was second, and it was very similar to Archies trip. Lots of supporters. Lots of tears of joy. Things of the like. She got to ride in a helicopter though, and told everyone that dreams come true. Ho hum. Onto Cook’s trip home.

Again. Same thing. Lots of people. Waterfall of tears. This time he chose to surprise his elementary school music teacher. How cute. Anyways!

Yes! Its time for the results. Cue the cheesy dramatic music! Now, the two people going head to head in the finale will be……David Archuleta (crowd cheers) and…….David Cook! (crowd cheers.) Aww. Syesha is going BACK home.

Don’t cry, Syesha. We’re running out of time.

Sorry, but you know as well as everyone else that we have been waiting to see the two Davids battle it out for months, so yeah. Its for the best. Peace out!


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