House: House’s Head (Pt. 1) – Recap

This week in House, we really were presented with an astounding episode! And of course, it was a two-parter. Let’s get started with the recap of “House’s Head.”

Of course, the episode did in fact start out on a close-up shot of Dr. House’s face. He looked real dazed and confused. He didn’t quite know where he was. He was in a night club. As the audience, we ask ourselves, how did he get there? We really don’t know till the end of the episode, because House has lost some of his memory. While sitting there he realizes that someone is dying. There was some sort of accident, and somebody, somewhere, is in trouble. He needs to find out, so he leaves the club, and walks into the scene of an accident. Cue the opening sequence!

Back at the hospital he is trying to explain himself to his team. He is saying that somebody is hurt right now, and all they can say is, “Well, duh! It was a bus accident afterall!” House explains that he remembered seeing a symptom before the accident happened. To find out some more clues, he went to see the bus driver, who was also injured. The bus driver had a purple mark on his neck, which led House to make his first guess.

Guess 1: Bus Driver – Lukemia

House believed it was lukemia, but his team quikly dismounted that theory saying that the mark was simply just a seat belt bruise.

So to retrieve some memories, House underwent some hypnotism. This was pretty interesting. We get to see into his mind. Here’s what we learn:

  • House went to a local bar.
  • At the bar, House drank a little too much, so the bartender told him he had to take the bus.
  • On the bus there is a kid who was picking his nose.

Guess 2: Punk Kid

House thinks that because he picked his nose, he was going to die. A two second test proved otherwise.

Meanwhile, the bus driver loses the feeling in his legs. This happened on last week’s episode of House. I’m telling you, House is cursed! House decides to smell the clothes of the injured people for more clues.

Smells like a banana smoothie.

suddenly found himself in a hallucination again. Here’s what we learn:

  • There is a mysterious woman on the bus. House tells here that she wasn’t on the bus, because she is wearing 500 dollar shoes. So something is up with that.

Wilson snaps House out of it, to take a cat scan. House says he was hit in the head, so he’s bound to be a little screwed up. To which Cuddy says the best line of the episode, “This isn’t just a boo boo!”

When House’s ear begins to bleed, he decides to take a bath. In the bath, he is tossed into another hallucination. Here’s what we learn:

  • On the bus, the bus driver had a limp, and House believed he saw the man jerk, or spasm.

House woke up from his bath time, and threw up on Cuddy’s shoe.

Guess 3: Bus Driver – Parkinson’s Disease
To make a long story short, it wasn’t Parkinson’s. They already had tests that proved it.

Guess 4: Bus Driver
I didn’t catch the fourth guess, but it had something to do with eating bagels. And when he collapsed, it apparently wasn’t that.

Guess 5: Bus Driver – Air bubble.
House kidnapped the man when he made his final guess, an air bubble. Before Cuddy could stop him, he had 13 inject the man into the heart. And surprise surprise. House was right.

That night, House learned that the mysterious woman was still in fact haunting House. Haha, I said haunting house (haunted house). Anyways… This meant the bus driver was not the right person. The bus driver wasn’t dying. The mysterious woman was trying to give House clues. She gave him a scarf, to which he automatically wrapped around her leg, which was now bleeding. Hmm.

House now brings all his team members together into a bus, to reenact the scene of the accident. Also, to help out hallucinations, he took some Alzheimer pills. Almost immediately, he went into a super hallucination, here’s what we learn this time:

  • The mysterious woman came back. She was wearing a necklace. “What is my necklace made of?” She asked. “Who am I?” She said these two things over and over again until House got it. The woman was Amber. Amber! Holy crap!

The next scene was absolutely breath taking. The whole thing was also in slow motion. The bus driver started swerving. Amber fell. The bus flipped over as it crashed into the truck. People flying everywhere. All the while House is watching as Amber is screaming. After the crash, There is a pole stuck inside Amber’s leg. House ties her scarf around it, and passes out.

Amazing, on the bus, Wilson and Cuddy are performing CPR on House, after his heart stopped. He woke up and told everyone the news. Amber was the one on the bus. She is the one dying. End part one.

So now we are left wondering whats going to happen to Amber. More importantly, what is the symptom that is apparently killing Amber? It can’t be just because of the accident. House said he knew she had a symptom before the accident occurred. Oh man, all I can say is, I can’t wait for next weeks episode!


2 thoughts on “House: House’s Head (Pt. 1) – Recap”

  1. OMG!! i just say it like 10 minutes ago
    and i can´t wait to see the next episode!!!!
    i knew this episode was going to be awesome
    so i recorded it and now i´m watching it again and btw
    Guess 4: Bus Driver: they did a bageltest 😛
    the bus driver had to walk fast on a machiene that we use to exercise
    and he had to eat a lot of bagels:P
    and then he collapsed

    And HOUSE RULEZ!!!!! :D:D

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