Smallville: Quest – Recap

Smallville returned this week with “Quest.” tonights episode was all about the last surviving member of Veratas who’s been hiding in a church for years. So let’s get on with the recap!

It started off tonight with a cryptographer studying the strange compass like device that Lex found two episodes ago. The cryptographer said he needs more time to study it, so he left with the compass thingy. After everyone had left, Lex was attacked by the same guy who attacked him at the bank.

He was able to knock Lex out, and then he carved a symbol into Lex’s chest with a knife. Ew. At the hospital, we learn that the symbol carved into Lex, was in fact, Kryptonian.

That’s pretty sick…

Jimmy arrives home late that night. Chloe was a little concerned, but as it turned out she was just hungry for a little cheesecake. Maybe you should have ate his breakfast when he made it for you, stupid! Anyways, Jimmy keeps trying to get her attention. He tells her about how Lex is in the hospital, and that someone carved a weird symbol into him. But Chloe’s like, I want my dang cheesecake!

Where’s my cheesecake, boy?

Then her brain woke up a little, noticing the symbol was Kryptonian. So she sighed, time to talk to Clark.

At the hospital, Chloe showed Clark the photo. Clark then said it said two words, “Traveller” and “Savior.” apparently that meant savior to the Traveler, which meant, a Veratas member lives! Somebody owes me 10 dollars, I called it! By the way, why was Clark at the hospital? Was he visiting his dear buddy Lex? Don’t they hate each other or something?

So Mr. Secret guy who is apparently working for a Veratas member, found the cryptogram. By all means necessary, he was going to get that thing. Nope, Lex shot him dead.

So Clark and Chloe are doing some homework. They find out that the symbol on Lex’s chest was a message to Clark to go to some church.

Lex and the cryptographer are on a plane. They are headed to the church as well. The cryptographer found out something about the thing. Apparently there used to be a famous clockmaker. This man built a master clock, and the cryptogram is part of the master clock. Together, they will give Lex what he needs. So off they go, to the church.

So Clark arrives at the church. Inside, a strange monk comes forward. Apparently, it is Mr. Teague.

This guy was married to Jane Seymour?

He bows to Clark. Since Clark is his religion, apparently. The monk is mad at him for being a sissy, and not embracing his destiny. Haha! Apparently he has been watching this season! So he busts out the Kryptonite in his cane.

Bad actor, BAD!

I think I like this monk better.

Jimmy found out big news. Apparently these symbols have been showing up all over the place in Smallville. No, you think, Jimmy? Chloe shrugs it off, but Jimmy shoves a photo in her face. Its a cave drawing. It symbolizes a sacrifice. The same kind of sacrifice Clark is going through.

The monk is now going through a ceremony of sacrifice. He opens Clark’s shirt and starts cutting him. What dies he carve you might ask? The symbol many of you recognize from season 3 premier. It looks like a superman logo, but an 8 instead of an S.

Again with the sickness! Kudos to the make-up department!

Now Lex arrives at the church. He finds the master clock, a grandfather clock. Opening it up, he placed the cryptogram inside the clock. Here we go, what happened? The clock starts humming a strange song that normally you would normally hear with a music box. This goes on for awhile, till the clock twisted and turned. I was hoping it would open to reveal the batcave, but no, it just gave lex a little piece of something. The monk walks in and said he’s too late. They then fight.

Chloe goes to the church now. She finds Clark, and saves him. Clark then super speeds, and saves the monk.

On the plane ride home, Lex connects the dot. The song played told him to go to Scotland. But we have a flashback. Lex’s mansion came from Scotland. Lionel had brought it to Kansas, brick by brick. I remember that from season 1! So the key to everything is back home, at the mansion.

Back at the mansion Lex finds an orb. He places the key he found at the church, into the orb. The orb magically floated away, and up came a map. To what looks like the Fortress of Solitude. Oh yeah, I can’t wait.

Go here to destroy Clark Kent.

It looks like next week, Lex and Clark square off in the Fortress. It will be amazing! Peace out!


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