Lost: Cabin Fever – Recap

Wow, another explosive episode of Lost. Lots of things happened tonight, on this Locke-centered episode, so let’s just get started!

The episode started with a flashback. The first thing you see is this teenage girl named Emily dancing to a record player. She apparently is getting ready for a date with a boy who is twice her age. So off she goes, when Bam! She is hit by a car. In the hospital she told the doctors she was 6 months pregnant. So right away, they prep her for an emergency birth operation. She gives birth to three-month premature baby, John Locke! I would have never guessed ol’ knife happy man was premature!

On the island, Locke, Ben, and Hurley are still searching for the cabin. John decides they need to rest for the night. They do.

On the freighter, Keamy returns, and wants to know who gave Ben the information on him. He then figured it out, Michael. He interrogates Michael, to which he confessed. Keamy decided to shoot Michael, but don’t you know, foolish man, Michael has super powers, and can’t die! So his gun doesn’t fire.

When Locke woke up from his dream, he met a Dharma Initiative worker chopping down trees. He told Locke that the key to finding Jacob was finding him first. His name was Horace, and he’s been dead for 12 years….creepy.

Back to John as a baby. His mom freaks out and can’t go through with it. Thats when Richard, the never aging man showed up. Ahhhh Richard, creepy! I wonder what he wants….

So Team Locke are back on the hunt for the cabin, but he said he had to make a pit stop. A pit stop to the Dharma Pit. Remember? The same pit Ben shot Locke in last season, with all the nasty corpses? Yeah, exactly.

John is now a child, and Richard shows up again! His cover is that he runs a special school for very special kids. Could this school possibly be the island? He was there to see if John qualified for the school. So he placed a bunch of items in front of John and asked him which one belonged to him. John picked up the knife. Thats when Richard freaked out and left his house saying he wasn’t quite ready yet. Another point to mention about this scene, John drew what looked like the smoke monster…creepy.

On the island, John was digging through some dead people. Then he found Horace’s dead nasty body. Inside his pocket, he found a blueprint to the cabin, which also, I guess, was a map. So off they went again, trying to find that cabin.

On the freighter, Keamy is planning to go back to the island, and apparently, torch it. Captain doesn’t like this plan at all, and plans with Sayid, to save all the losties.

Now we see that teenager Locke is a pushover, and getting pushed into a locker. So beat up Locke was sent to the nurses office, where the man-nurse said “You’re a pathetic loser and can’t do squat,” basically. To which Locke just said his famous line, “Don’t ever tell me what I can’t do!”

On the freighter, the captain was telling Sayid and Desmond to go back to the island. Desmond says he spent too much years on that island, that he’s never going back. So Sayid, all lonesome, goes by himself back to the island.

Back to Locke’s storyline. They are still trying to find the cabin. Ben’s complaining how he used to be the chosen one, now he isn’t. Then Hurley found the cabin. They just stand, and stare in awe.

You go first. No man, you do it!

Older Locke is now doing physical therapy, trying to walk, but can’t. So his elderly is chatting it up with him. The elderly is that black guy from the future that contacts Hurley…creepy. He wants Locke to do a walkabout. Locke’s like, “Dude, I can’t walk, you moron!”

On the freighter, the helicopter pilot is telling Keamy he won’t fly the helicopter. Keamy responds by killing the doctor. (Same doctor that washed ashore.) and killing the captain, to which Mr. Pilot gladly said he’ll fly.

On the beach, Jack is walking around. Juliet gets mad at him, for not resting. Then the helicopter flies overhead and drops a GPS.

Back to Locke. Amazingly, they are still staring on awe at the cabin.

I told you I’m not going! Someone has to go!

Ben and Hurley chicken out, leaving John alone, as he walked into the cabin.

Inside he met, not Jacob, but…..Christian Shephard, Jacks dad! Creepy. Where’s Claire, you kidnapper! Oh…there she is, acting all creepy like. What the heck? Anyways John asks what he has to do to save the island.

Meanwhile outside, Hurley and Ben share a candy bar. John comes out and tells everyone what they must do to save the island. You have to move it. Say what?! Move the island? I don’t care who you as. I don’t care if you are Chuck Norris, you can’t move a freakin’ island, okay? What do you expect to do? Have everyone paddle the island away?


This show is just too weird. I’ll catch you later, peace out!


One thought on “Lost: Cabin Fever – Recap”

  1. Definitely are in agreement with whatever you stated. Your explanation was certainly the best to comprehend. I present to you, I get irked when folks discuss points that they plainly have no concept about. You managed to kick the nail on the pinnacle and explained out everything without complication. Might be back.

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