The X Effect: Fact or Fiction?

Much like many MTV reality series, this show consists of a constant attempt to break up a relationship. This one however, is more believable. Every single episode is exactly the same. MTV plans a secret getaway for two ex’s, who think they are alone. All the while their current boyfriend/girlfriend spies on them the entire time. Every episode is the same, it goes a little something like this:

•Couples think they are spending time together.

•Ex’s are taken away, while boyfriend and girlfriend go home. (Going to the same hotel to spy)

•Bf/gf showed how to spy, red touch light, name monitor, etc.

•Ex’s have a date, Bf/gf can either pick either to hear and not see, or see and not hear.

•Current bf/gf get ticked.

•Current bf/gf send ex’s on a date of their choice.

•Current gf/bf get ticked

•Ex’s sent to honeymoon suite with one bed. Which ex’s usually both sleep in.

•Ex’s get ticked.

Ex’s meet up with their ex’s bf/gf, and are told to make a choice between the two. Usually resulting in heart-broken people.

The only thing keeping me interested, is the characters. Again, I don’t know if they are acting, because they generally look surprised. It looks genuine. But there are a lot of things that don’t add up.


After all the episodes of “The X Effect” you would think the couples know when they are in the episode, its quite obvious, since its always the same thing. Or does MTV just pick the dumb people to air, because they don’t know its a TV show?

-How do the ex’s not see the camera right in their face.

-How is the audio picked up so well? Are they wearing microphones?

-If so, aren’t they suppose to not know they are being spied on?

It doesnt add up. But yeah, usually I am still left wondering who they will choose. Which is why I usually try to stay away from it. Anyways, I’ll catch you all later, peace out!


19 thoughts on “The X Effect: Fact or Fiction?”

  1. I totally agree with everything you said and I’ve thought of all the same questions. This has to be fake because where do these ppl even come from ?

  2. I agree with you too. They probably do pick dumb people, or maybe there is a little ‘acting’ going on. And yes, they should know what is happening especially when the cameras probably have a big “THE X EFFECT” logo on them, as opposed to getting to the end of the episode and go, “Oh my god, I can’t believe this happened!”

  3. i agree with this, but yet somehow i ALWAYS find myself watching the episode. I always find it intresting how the “o”s get so upsetand are like ” oh well they are having fun, why cant we”

  4. They are just bad actors, you can see the microphones on there backs at some times. And why would they go the same hotel as there ex in the first place? plus why would they just accept that there ex’s will be spending time alone togheter, and why would the ex’s want to leave there new partners and accept to be with there old ex, without asking why the hell the other one is there? I thinks it’s the most fake show ever made, as everything else on MTV. A normal person would leave the hotelroom and kill there girlfriend or boyfriend. And a normal person would not even be on the show…Dumbest show ever!

  5. Well, the reason none of them know they are on THE TV SHOW X-effect is because when the “stunt” was recorded no such TV show existed. The current episodes of X effect were filmed from 2005 to 2007. The the TV show was released just after the last of the filming ended.

    The X-Effect was marketed to the couples as a free weekend. They however had to put up with taping and microphones because they were filming the commercials for the “new” hotel.

  6. the x – effect seems real in some parts but i also believe is a fake .
    how do ghe recent ments keep their cool when they go to confront the ex’s ?
    idk seems fake . or when there offered to make a choice the “o” or the “x” always supposely falls the opposite way in the water .
    hmmm idkk dats a big question mark .

  7. the x- effect is fake ! all scripted .
    how do the current partners keep there cool
    while confrontin there ex’s ? and how come when there
    giving a choice either choose “o” or “x” everytime they throw it in the pool
    it always lands the other side never the “o” or the “x” side . bad acting all scripted .

  8. okay the x – effect is really fake . i mean its obvious . how do the ex’s keep such cool when there beingg confronted ? and whaty a coincidence that there all toqether in the hotel the same day and everything ? hmm idkk is kinda fishy .

  9. at first i thought it was real but when i noticed all the episodies are the sane it was just way to fake for me but i like to watch the fake asx show anywayz because its entertainqly retarted lol plus they[mtv] shud get a show that actually seems real that ppl wont even think for a second through the whole season is this show fake.

  10. Maybe the’re not actors, just people who know what the show is all about and just want to put their relationship to the test… like temptation island. Because yeah, ofcourse it’s weird when you meet at the gate of the hotel and only the exes can enter. If something like that happened to me I would say ”ok, this is bullcrap, let’s go home”. So probably the set-up (like roomraiders) is totally fake, but with real people and real relationships.. but anywho, it’s fun to watch so who cares :p

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