American Idol: Top 4 Results

So as many of you know, Jason Castro did a horrible job last night. So I, as well as most of the rest of the world, was expecting Jason to go home tonight. So what is the point really, in watching tonight? Well as you also may know, the group always does a group song, and there are always guest stars, so what the heck, I’ll watch it.

Looks like a total of 51 million votes came in last night. So that’s why the primary elections didnt get much votes… Anyways here we go. The group all came out singing “Reelin’ in the Years.” it wasn’t horrible, but it was more of a whatever song. On to the results!

David Archuleta came out first, and of course, he was safe. Best singer of the night last night.

David Cook came out secondly, he was also safe.

Jason and Syesha were last to the stage, but like last week, had to wait till the end of the episode to see who’s going home. I’m still thinking Jason Castro, but I’ve been wrong before in surprising turn of events. Much like Carly’s departure.

Then we get the half-time show with Maroon 5 and Bo Bice. Maroon 5’s song was actually pretty boring. Bo Bice’s song was better, but I’d rather just see the results. Some girl asked David Cook out in the questionnaire, to which he said, “We’ll see.” Then of course the Ford commercial with the song, “Ring of Fire.” then finally, back to the results.

Jason Castro and Syesha took the stage once more and drumroll please…..Jason is sent home tonight. Not a surprise at all.

Goodbye, Dreadlock Man.

Peace out!


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