House: Living the Dream Recap

In this episode, House does what he does best, lose his mind! House decides to take it to the next level with his craziness by kidnapping a famous tv star. The TV star plays a doctor on a soap opera, that apparently, House loves. He thinks that because his reading capability was worsening on the show, he has a vision imparement, which would mean cancer. This is House’s reasoning for kidnapping a man.

So vision problems is the first guess of the show tonight. So the actor complies when House agrees to leave him alone forever if he’s wrong. House does a few tests, and it turns out, the tests say he’s fine. House, however is not convinced. He catches up to the actor in the elevator and drugs him, so he can give him an MRI. So he does give him a MRI, and surprise surprise, this test also turned up negative for any problems. So on the way out of the hospital, fate reaches the guy as his legs give out. Maybe House is just cursed…

Guess 2:
I didn’t catch the second guess, it just went by too fast. All I know was Kumar (Kutner) was poking the actors legs in the next scene. Obviously trying to find out what the problem is.

Guess 3: B-6
B-6 is something I am not going to describe in great detail, because its unnesecary, because the tests cane up negative as he started to have a heart attack.

Guess 4: Grave’s Disease
What’s interesting about this show, is, even though you have no idea what all these diseases even mean, you are still captivated. I don’t know what Grave’s Disease is, but House says they are going to have to burn his thiroids. The team decided to test if his thiroids were ok before they nuke them. Again, test goes wrong as his thiroids are fine. Then the iodine they injected into him started poisoning him. His kidneys started failing.

Guess 5: Auto-Immune disease
Since they were wrong again, it had to be an auto-immune disease right? Wrong. The actor then started to turn into his character as his brain started to boil. Ew. Brain stew.

Guess 6. Allergy
House then saves the day with the last guess. He says its an allergy and hits him up with 100mg of some drug that I can’t pronounce. I think its steroids. Surprise surprise, House is right, and he saved the day.

As always there were the side stories. One side story was about Wilson and Cuthroat (Amber) trying to find a new bed. Causing them to fail two times. How hard is it to pick a mattress, seriously? Then the other side story was about an inspector keeping a close eye on everything that was going on in the episode. Which he happened to be in a scene where, I think, the funniest line of the episode happened. The inspector greeted House saying, “Yes, I’ve heard your name before.” To which House replied, “Yeah, a lot of people have, its also a noun.” Gotta love House!

On a separate note, next week looks like its going to be really good! We’ll have to see how that plays out! Peace out!


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