Smallville: Apocalypse Recap

So this episode went really fast! Though that isn’t a bad thing for this now slow moving show. This episode is without the doubt the best episode of the season.

It opened up, and we see Clark in his barn looking around, when some stranger walked in, and said he was Clark Kent. So here we are, in an alternate universe, and this is the biological son that Martha would have had, had Clark not killed it when he killed his spaceship.

We learn that Jonathon is alive and well, but don’t get your hopes up, Jonathon doesn’t show up in this episode. He is on a cruise ship.

Clark goes out and sees Chloe. Chloe doesn’t recognize him, of course. She is engaged. We learn that Clark is trying to find Lana in this strange reality. Clark is happy for Chloe. Things are turning out better in this world then he was used to.

So Clark goes to the Daily Planet, where he meets up with Jimmy, wearing his classic bow-tie. Clark asks Jimmy to look up Lana. Sure enough, he finds her, married with two kids in Paris. Clark says he is just happy she is alright. Lois showed up, and tripped over Clark, when he catches her, she gives him a little flirt. She asks him out, in fact, lol. But the Department of Domestic Security, (DDS) comes in, headed by Kara, and arrests Lois for having secret Government files. We learn later that the person who ordered the arrest was none other than…

President Lex Luthor!

So Clark goes to the club Lois invited him to earlier, and sees Sheriff Adams. She isn’t a sheriff anymore, but still works for the government. She is Lois’s informant that hands Lois the info that got her arrested. Clark asked where to find Lois.

“You got me? Who’s got you!”

So finally, after basically all season, we have a Clark being a hero scene! He saved Lois, and didn’t even have to hide himself doing so! It was great. This is a pure Clois (Clark & Lois) shipper to fans. So the next scene, Clark and Lois are investigating. Lois tells Clark about Lex ordering a nuclear strike, which would just end up killing everyone. Clark didn’t understand why, until he saw Brainiac on the computer screen. In this alternate reality, Brainiac is the Chief of Staff. So in order to stop this nuclear strike, Clark has to get that nuclear football from the Presidents grasp. Lois told Clark to disguise himself, wearing a suit. But something was missing.


Yes, this is watch-worthy. Classic shot of Clark pushing his glasses up. That was cool.

We learn, as Clark uses another ability this episode, that Kara was raised by the Luthors. Then as Kara was leaving, she bumped into Clark. Clark told her that he was Kal-El, her cousin. Kara then said that she was sent to earth to kill him. Weird. So we have a little fight between the two. Clark told her that Milton Fine is Brainiac. Which gets her attention.

Clark and Kara show up in Lex’s office for an intervention. Kara spills the beans on Clark’s secret to him, which is ok, its a different dimension. They told him that he cannot trust Fine, but Lex doesn’t have the same opinion. He shoots Clark and Kara with kryptonite bullets. Then gives the order to initiate the launch. We see tons of nuclear missles sent into the air, like that of the end of Terminator 3. Brainiac then kills Clark, which sends him back to the Fortress of Solitude, where we learn our unanswered questions.

The whole thing was a vision that Jor-El gave to Clark. It was a vision of what would have happened had Clark never arrived on Earth. So Jor-El sends Clark right back to the end of last weeks episode actually. The last frame in fact. These two were obviously a two-parter. Sort of.

So next thing we know. Brainiac is up at Krypton, trying to kill baby Clark. Kara tries to intervene, and Brainiac gets the upperhand. Then Clark just shows up. How did he get there? Anyways. Since there is no sun to power Clark, Brainiac once again has the upper hand. Then Kara stabbed him with a Krypton spike. Nice. Kara then told Clark to save his baby self, and send him to Earth. Where’s Jor-El in all this? anyways, Kara seemingly kills Brainiac while he laughed. And Clark put himself in his old ship, and sent him off. Cool. We got to see the ship again. So Clark and Kara jump back into the portal.

On Earth we learn, even though Brainiac is dead, Lana is still catatonic. Which now, for the rest of the episode is pure Lana-craze. ugh. So Clark heads up to his barn where he finds Lex.

Two Lana-Crazed Bimbos

Lex also talks about his obsession with Lana, and how weird her disease is. He asks Clark for help, Clark says screw you.

At the Daily Planet, Clark searches good doctors to see if there is any way he can help Lana. Lois comes in and asks Clark out, just like she did before, in the alternate reality. Though, this was not the end. At the very end, Kara is making orange juice or something, when she starts having this strange seizure. Oh no! Whats happening to Kara now?! Guess we’ll find out soon! Peace Out!


2 thoughts on “Smallville: Apocalypse Recap”

  1. I’m searching all over the internet to find out…what happened to Kara? The following episode, “Quest”, did not feature Kara at all. And the episode after that, “Arctic”–well–I recorded it and I’m just now watching it and I see Kara on an airplane with Edward Teague, completely healthy. ?!?!?! Didn’t want to watch anymore of this episode without finding an explanation for that seizure two episodes ago.

    Anyhow, thanks for creating Smallville recaps….

    B u t t e r

  2. Well. The last time you see her before arctic, she’s in pain of something happening to her. Arctic, it expains everything. I don’t want to spoil anything. Don’t assume anything, just watch it, its pretty cool.

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