Lost – Something Nice Back Home Recap

Tonight on Lost, as usual we have lots of things in store. So let’s get started with this Jack-centric episode.

We start out with Juliet attempting to wake up a sleeping Jack. She succeeds, and Jack wakes up to a heated fight between Daniel Faraday, and Bernard. Bernard wants answers to what happened on the freighter, and why they are really on the island.

“You can’t handle the truth!”

Jack being the hero he always is, breaks up the fight. Then grabbing his stomach, Jack fell to the ground fainting. Must be his stomach bug!

“Jack, you probably shouldn’t have eaten those week-old enchiladas!”

Flash forward to sometime in the future. Jack awakes in a modern day house, does everyday things, then goes to the bathroom to where we see Kate taking a shower. Then later, we see Jack reading Aaron a bedtime story.

“‘Twas the night before Christmas”

It must be after the Kate flash-forward scene we’ve seen in a previous episode, where Jack didn’t want anything to do with the kid.

Back on the beach, Team Sawyer are heading back to the beach. Ghostbuster man, Miles starts hearing voices of….dun dun dun! Danielle and Carl. Its their graveyard. So I guess we are confirmed with their death then, right?

Safe to say no Danielle Flashbacks?

Back on the beach, Juliet is concerned.

She gets Jack to lift his shirt, and she found out that Jacks got a bad appendix. Juliet wants to fix Jack for a change. So Juliet goes out to Sun, and tells her to go to the medical hatch, sun doesn’t know what to look for, so Faraday volunteers to go with. Since Sun does not trust the freighters, Juliet gives Jin a gun just in case anything goes wrong.

Back to Team Sawyer. Sawyer basically just tells Miles to stay away from Claire.

On the beach, we see Juliet is giving Jack a little stomach shave, getting ready for surgery. So Jack tells her he wants to talk her through the operation. Basically, he doesn’t trust her.

Then we have a nice flash forward scene. Jack is at the hospital working, when he sees, uh oh, his Dad walking past. Kind of creepy if you ask me. So Jack wavers that off and goes to meet with his old pal, Hurley.

I’m Crazy!

Man in these flash-forward scenes this season, we are getting more and more character interaction with other main characters. It’s technically called a Jack-Centric episode, but it could easily be a Hurley, or Kate-centered episode as well.

Hurley tells Jack about his encounters with old Oceanic Survivor, Charlie. Hurley went on to say that Charlie left a message for Jack, that said “You aren’t the one that is suppose to raise him, Jack” Meaning Aaron. Also, the note said that someone will be visiting Jack as well, and soon. Ooh, could it be his Dad? We’ll see.

On the island, Jin, Sun, and the freighter gang got to the medical hatch. Jin said something about, “Do you think she knows he likes her?” and Sun said something like “She’s a girl, she knows.”

Over on another part of the island, Sawyer and the rest of his team, are still headed towards the beach. When the pilot of the helicopter showed up.

He then told them to hide, which they did. Then, Mr. Crazy Freighter Captain stepped out. They were looking for the copter. Aaron cried a little, and crazy captain heard it! Good thing the helicopter pilot told them they had to hurry before sundown.

Flash forward, to Jack after that strange encounter with Hurley, arrives home. He wakes up Kate, and proposes to her. YES she says. Aww.

On the beach, Jin confronts Charlotte, and says he knows she speaks Korean. She tries to say she doesn’t understand him, but Jin knows, and says he’ll hurt Daniel if she doesn’t get him and Sun off the island.

So Juliet is now performing the surgery. Its kind of sick, but I’ve seen worse. And against his orders, Jack was knocked out, for the best.

Back to the future. Jack is doing an autopsy when he hears the fire alarm go wacky. Jack takes out the battery and saw his Dad sitting on a couch in front of him.

“Hey kiddo!”

Oooh, what does he have to say, I wonder? I guess nothing, cause a second later he dissapeared when a co-worker of Jacks walked in. Jack is starting to freak out now, and asks for a prescription to a drug. Could this possibly be the start of the addiction? We’ll see. He arrives home to Kate making a strange call.

On the island, Claire woke up in the middle of the night to Jack’s dad, and her own, rocking Aaron. Dad? she asks.

So now the surgery is done on the island. When Kate entered the tent, Juliet pronounces that Jack kissed her. Lol. Kate gets all mad. But after Kate left, Juliet turned to Jack, still unconscious, and said, “I know you’re awake.” Which he was. Weird.

Back to yet another flash-forward. Jack and Kate fight. He is drunk, and paranoid, and wonders where Kate was today. She said she was doing something for Sawyer. Wow that’s strange. Jack said Sawyer made a choice to stay on the island.

So here we are, at the end of the episode. What happened? Sawyer woke up to Claire and the baby missing. Miles said they left in the middle of the night. Sawyer asked why didn’t he stop her. Miles said it was because he was told to stay away from Claire. So Sawyer runs out to the forest to find Claire. He found Aaron abandoned in the woods. But where did Claire go? Is that why she isn’t one of the Oceanic 6? We’ll see soon, I hope. Peace Out!


2 thoughts on “Lost – Something Nice Back Home Recap”

  1. nice images.
    great post.
    i haven’t seen the new episode yet
    but this post certainly makes me wanna watch it..
    would you mind if i quote some of your sentences for my own blog?

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