American Idol: Top 5 Results

Well, tonight was more interesting than last night for sure. Lots of things happened. So let’s get right on with it.

Ryan opened the show like usual and said Idol received over 45 million votes. Then the group sang “Cracklin’ Rosey.” You know what? I actually liked the way they sang it. It was a lot better than other group songs they have sung for the last couple of weeks. Then the group song was done, and thats when the serious business came.

Jason Castro came out first. From what I predicted, I was almost certain he was in the bottom two. Was he? No. Jason was safe, I’m surprised. Though I do like Jason, its not his time to go yet.

David Archuleta came out next. Of course, he was safe. Archie was my favorite last week. If my ultimate prediction is right, its going to be a showdown between the two Davids at the end.

David no. 2 came out third, and was told he too was safe. Duh, he is David Cook.

Which means the bottom two remaining were Brooke White, and Syesha Mercado. Ryan tells them to sit down for a while, to get all the other Idol things in.

Natashia Bedingfield guest starred and sang “Pocketful of Sunshine.” That was a pretty nice song. I got into it, unlike the other guest singers who song before. Then there was the questions segment, which is obvious filler, but good filler. They had a childhood sweetheart of Simon’s call in and ask if her kiss with him was memorable. Simon looked mighty interested in hooking up with her, too. Then we saw the pretty Ford commercial with the song “Catch the Wind” After that, singing legend himself, Neil Diamond sang. Boringgg. I don’t mean to hate on Diamond lovers but, you have to admit, the mans getting too old for the singing gig.

Here we go, back to the elimination. Brooke and Syesha are brought out and….drumroll please…. Brooke is going home. I guessed it to. Too bad, she made me feel sorry for her on her last song. She was crying and messing up pretty badly, but its okay, we understand, Brooke.

She shall be missed.

Now the only girl left in the competition is Syesha. That has got to be tough for her! We’ll see how she handles the tension next week on American Idol! Peace Out!


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