House – “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Recap

House started back up this week with ” No More Mr. Nice Guy.” The episode started off as an obvious joke off of the Writers Strike. I don’t remember what the were on strike about, but that is unimportant. An angry UPS worker comes up and Jeff, the happy man tries to give old grouchy UPS man a hug. That’s when Jeff fainted. Cue the intro credits:

House is sitting down in the ER after the beginning credits end. He notices Jeff, and asks “What’s with the idiot?” House finds that it is strange to not complain about anything, so he gathers his team together to try to give the man a name for his medical disorder that causes him to be happy. Hilarious. So while his team tries to find out what’s with Mr. Happy, House and Trace go bowling.

This scene accomplished nothing. The two discuss happiness, and how there can’t be too much. What the scene really indicated, was that House sucks at bowling, and Trace is a sharp shooter.

So House shows up at Wilson’s house next. He just wants to hang out, but Cut-throat doesn’t want them to. So they make an agreement when to hang out. Boring scene.

Then, of course, the team needs to break into the patients house to look for some kind of clue as to what is causing this man to love life. These are the scenes I never understand. How can they break-in? Do they get the patients permission? No, probably not. Oh well, its still entertaining.

So the first guess in many this episode for Mr. Happy’s problem. House guesses it is…. Williams Syndrome. Of course we find out the first guess is wrong when Mr. Happy starts seizing while singing badly to his wife.

Guess 2: Syphilis
Kumar from Harold & Kumar (Kutner) confirmed it was syphilis and asked the wife privately if she had an affair. She said no. Later found out not syphilis

Guess 3. Hepatitis
So the group decides he doesn’t have syphilis, but House does. Which explains why he is always angry. So they confront him and give him pills.

Guess 4:
Foreman guesses it is PFO. What the crap is that?

House pulls Wilson aside and tells him he switched out his blood to make it look like he had syphilis, so he would act nicer. Cut-throat then tells the team later on. So much for a perfect plan.

Guess 5:
Final guess made by House. Something called chagas. chagas is apparently a parasite, and is treatable. And they lived happily ever after. Or not. The end scene was cut-throat and House changing a old mans poopy diaper.

So another good House episode. Keep it up, FOX. Peace out!


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