Smallville – Sleeper: Recap 4.24.08

Smallville returned this week with another filler episode. That’s right, in my opinion, the writers of Smallville just sat around, and wrote a filler episode, just to fill in the gap from now, until Apocalypse, which airs next week. Here’s what went down:

“Olsen, James Olsen”

The first thing we see is this spy doing covert things, moving around, quick paced, like a ninja, then he scanned the eyes of an unknown man. He takes off his mask for us to see that it’s…. Jimmy! Secret agent man… Main mistake of this entire episode.

This whole episode revolves around Jimmy. It is a Jimmy episode, and even though it didn’t turn out as good as basically, any other episode, this season, or other seasons as well, Jimmy is cooler than Clark this season. I’m sorry. Season 7 kinda sucks. Clark isn’t ever doing anything. Though it is going to get better fast, or so I heard. The end is near.

So now Jimmy is cooking a hearty breakfast for his one and only, Chloe Sullivan, to spark up their relationship. Chloe said she’s been really busy with the Isis foundation, and is too busy to eat his breakfast this morning.

Jimmy is sad.

At the Isis Foundation, Chloe and Clark are searching desperately to find Brainiac. Clark gets an amazing thought. Maybe a sattelite picked up where they went! Chloe gets smart for a split second, and says something realistic. She says that she isn’t smart enough to get sattelite information. Clark though, still stuck in the Smallville bad writers club, said, “Chloe, you can do it!” Chloe just smiled and said, “Yeah, maybe I can!” Stupid

Meanwhile, back to Jimmy. Jimmy was stopped by this strange tall spy lady. She told Jimmy that Chloe was a terrorist. A few things were said here and there, but eventually Jimmy thought… “hmm…maybe she is!” Stupid.

So when Jimmy confronts Chloe at home, Chloe starts acting suspicious, (just like any terrorist would, of course) but only not to make Jimmy jealous of Clark. So Jimmy takes this suspicious actress, and says to himself, “She IS a terrorist! I knew it!” Stupid

Now for the good part of this entire episode, Lex’s storyline! Lex is ready to take his flight. His secret service man said there is a problem. Lex has been red flagged.

Lex ready to travel, there’s a delay. Red flagged. But somehow I don’t think Lex really cared…

So back to Jimmy, (sigh.) Jimmy broke into the Isis Foundation, because that’s apparently where Chloe is doing all of her covert terrorist-like plans! Jimmy doesn’t see anything too threatening until he sees, oh my goodness. Sattelite plans! Chloe, what have you been up to?

So Clark went back to Dr. Swann’s diary, where he finds a new page. A page that hasn’t been there before… Creepy. It said “Save Lana at Fortress.” So Clark gets up, rushes to find the key to the fortress.

Jimmy then confronts Clark at his barn about a secret he found out about. Everything Jimmy said sounded like he knew Clark’s secret. So Clark said he could explain. Good thing, Jimmy kept talking, because Clark found out Jimmy was talking about Chloe’s secret. Clark then gives a life lesson to Jimmy. He sure is a good advice giver! Too bad he never saves anyones lives anymore!

So after Jimmy left, Clark was finally able to go to the fortress. Where he asked what the heck Jor-El was talking about with Lana.

Clark hears Kara from the Fortress of Solitude.  This is  his, whaaa face.

Then Kara started talking. She said she was the one that sent out the transmission, not Jor-El. Then she said Brainiac is trying to kill you, and that she was on Krypton. Krypton?! What?! Didn’t that place blow up?

So Chloe was back looking at satellite images when she found the one she needed. Then she noticed Jimmy was hacking her computer, copying files.

Jimmy then was stopped outside calling Chloe to tell her he made a “huge mistake.” But then the strange spy lady stopped him, and gave him a bow tie, and told him to spy on Chloe some more. “Okay!” he said – stupid.

Now we really get into the James Bond 007 version of Jimmy Olsen. This was very stupid. Jimmy is not James Bond, nor will he ever be. Blah. So he and Chloe have a very Bondish dance while he sneaks some information from her, just like real spies do! This whole dance was filler, to fill in gaps for this freakishly boring episode.

“Man! I cannot figure out how to beat this game of solitaire!”

Now it was time for Chloe to be Mrs. Sneaky again. She breaks into a computer room. And looks stuff up. Then Jimmy went all ninja-mode, and we’re back to the beginning of the episode. He dropped from the ducts, and tazed some random old guy. Then he scanned his eye. You know I don’t really understand what that had to do with anything now that I think of it.

So as it turns out, everything Jimmy did was no use. All the information he gained was just a grociery list or something like that. So spy girl decides she has to do her own dirty work. So she busts in on Chloe working on the computer, and says she is under arrest. Jimmy, getting escorted away, turns around, and he does something with his suit, and a small dark came out of his suits arm to shoot the guy in the neck. Talk about James Bond… geez.

“Tell me where the bombs are!”

“I was just playing solitaire!”

So Chloe is officially getting beat down with an interogation by Mrs. Spy Lady. Chloe doesn’t budge. Possibly because she isn’t a terrorist. I’m just speculating though.

Jimmy saved the day with another super spy gadget of his…pepper spray…from a pen!

“Behold, the power of the pepper pen!”

Chloe and Jimmy fight now, about spying on each other. Unfortunatley that didn’t last long as they make up and kiss.

“Look, Chloe, I saved you! Which proves I’m better than Clark this season!”

Now. For the REAL purpose of this episode. Lex arrives in Zurich. What happened to that red flag? I don’t know, who cares, lets see whats in the box! So he opens the box, and nothing is in it! Oh wait, secret compartment underneath with an envelope. Inside was the compass we saw in previous trailers.

This compass may possibly be what leads him to the Fortress of Solitude! When Lex got up, somebody started choking Lex. Of course, you can’t stop Lex, he took over, and knocked out the guy. But not before the guy said “You’re not one of them”

At the end we have the scene from The Godfather. Lex being the Godfather. Jimmy walked in to see Lex, who said he cleared Chloe of all charges, but in return, he may need something from Jimmy one day.

One more thing. Clark and Chloe are discussing what happened at the Fortress. Chloe says that maybe, just maybe, Kara really is on Krypton, but in the past. And if he wants to live, he needs to go there too, to save himself. So…is he going to Krypton? Will we see Jor-El in the flesh? I hope so, check out next week! Peace Out!


One thought on “Smallville – Sleeper: Recap 4.24.08”

  1. I was so hoping this episode would end having the whole thing be a dream sequence. But no. Aside from the major Chloe screen time I hated this episode. Sorry Jimmy the Neomaxizoomdweebie all of sudden becomes “Mr. Spy Kick Everyone’s Arses” over night??? Give me a break. If were all a dream would have been so much better.

    Next time leave out Mr. Lego Hair, errr I mean Jimmy and keep all that wonderful Chloe screen time and I’ll be just fine.

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