LOST – The Shape of Things to Come – Recap 4.24.08

Lost is back, and better than ever! Tonight the season came back with a bang, with four characters killed off! Well only one was important, the others were just filler. Let’s get started on what went down!

First off we see Jack taking some medication, for what he described to be a “stomach bug” I was wondering if this could possibly be the start of a drug addiction, but due to the scenes for next week, that’s probably not the case. Suddenly we hear Bernard start shouting for help, so of course, hero Jack must see what the matter is. Washing ashore is a nasty dead body. One of the freighter people, which I’ve already forgotten his name, confirms that it was the doctor on his boat. What happened to him? I don’t know, we’ll have to find out next week possibly.

“We’re all gonna die” we see Hurley say. Turns out he’s just playing a game with Sawyer and Locke. Too bad, they made it all look dark and suspensful in the trailer. Perhaps a foreshadow?

We then cut to Alex being dragged through the forest to turn off the alarm for the crazy siren gates that kill you once you pass through. Alex puts in the code to turn off the gates. Who is the group that has her hostage, we’re about to find out. Right after this scene, Ben’s house phone rings. Once John picked it up, a female computer voice said “Code 14-J. When Mr. Clean (Locke) confronts Ben about it.

Ben freaks out and busts out the guns, and gets ready for a gun battle. “They’re coming!”

After the title, and commercials passed, we learned it was a Ben-centric episode, or more a Sayid and Ben-centric episode, as we’ll see later. In Ben’s flash-forward, we see him wake up in the middle of the Sahara Desert. In the desert he was wearing a heavy Dharma coat. You gotta think, that he must be very hot at that moment! A few moments later, two Arabian riders came along, pointing guns at him. Somehow Ben pulls a manouver, and kills them both, stealing one of their camels ad well. Does anyones else wonder how a guy that looks so puny take out so many people? I don’t care, its amazing!

Back on the island, just as the big showdown is about to happen, Sawyer finds it his duty to save Claire, who is sleeping in a house a couple blocks away. Sawyer goes on his rescue mission. Just then gun fires started shooting everywhere, Sawyer ducked for cover, where three unnecessry extras got shot, one by one, like a dominoe effect.

Sawyer then ran for Claire’s house when it exploded.

Thankfully, Claire was safe.

More of Ben’s flash-forward came back now. This time, we learn that it is October 21, 2005. On the TV, we see Sayid saying he just wants to bury his wife in peace. We later learn that his wife, is in fact, Nadia from previous Sayid-centric episodes.

Back on the island, Hurley breaks a window to help Sawyer to safety. After a few minutes of talking, the doorbell rings. Its Miles, the ghostbuster. He’s there to give Ben a walky talky to talk to the men attacking, who have his daughter.

Another flash forward shows Sayid taking pictures of a bald guy, and then Sayid. Sayid sees him, and attacks Ben as he is leaving the building. Ben explains he is trying to find Nadia’s killer, who was hired by Widmore. He shares some information with Sayid, which makes him noticeably angry with revenge.

Back on the island, Ben talks on the walky with the captain from the freighter. The captain then pulled Alex out from the woods and pointed a gun at Alex’s head and tells Ben to come out. Ben then tells him to get off the island and forget about its existence. The captain began counting down from ten or he’d kill Alex. Ben told her he had this under control, and not to worry, but too late, the captain shot her! Ben’s plan didn’t pan out too well. After a few minutes of shock, Ben opened a secret compartment and hid inside. Only for the viewer to be stuck with another flash-forward.

This time, we see Ben, once again trailing this bald guy, who, as it seems, killed Nadia. Ben then lost him, and he pointed a gun at Ben, and asked why he was following him. Before Ben really had time to answer him, the bald guy was shot by Sayid. Sayid understood that this was bigger than just that one guy, and voluntarily joined Ben to be his personal hit man. If you ask me, this scene was a little too much like Anikan turning to the dark side in Star Wars.

Back to the island! Ben comes back out of the compartment, and tells everyone to run on his command. When the all get out of the house, the smoke monster is taking care of the intruders. It looks like Ben told the monster what to do! That’s just plain crazy, folks! Then they ran out into the woods. But not before Ben says goodbye to his daughter.

On the beach, the losties are sending a mores code message asking what happened to the dead doctor. A few moments later there was a reply. The guy from the freighter said they didn’t say much about the doctor, but the helicopter will be coming back the next morning. Bernard stepped up and said it really said “What are you talking about? The doctors fine.” that’s when Jack asked if they were ever going to rescue them. They said no. Jack got ticked.

Back in the forest Johns group is headed off to see Jacob. Sawyer thinks that’s dumb or something, so he decided to split up and take Hurley with him. Locke then pulled a gun on Sawyer, he said he needs Hurley to guide him to the cabin. Sawyer pulls a gun on John. Hurley breaks them up by saying he’ll go with Locke.

The end scene was Ben heading up to a penthouse suite in London, where he met up with Charles Widmore sleeping. Widmore asks if he came to kill him. Ben said no, he was there for revenge. Widmore killed his daughter, now he was off to kill Widmore’s daughter, who as you may know, is Desmond’s girlfriend, Penny! What’s going to happen next? I don’t know I guess we’ll just have to wait won’t we?

In the trailer for next week, it looks like Jack collapses. Juliet says he will die. I’m skeptical, seeing how Jack’s in all those flash-forwards!


One thought on “LOST – The Shape of Things to Come – Recap 4.24.08”

  1. I have to say at this point that I don’t really give a crap about Jack’s stomach pains or appendicitis or anything. In fact all the scenes at the beach were uninteresting compared to the action everywhere else!

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