American Idol: Top 6 Results Show

Here we go. Time to see how well our Idols did tonight. I don’t know about all of you, but, it was a crazy episode in my opinion. Let me tell you something, while watching this episode, I was looking right, and I was looking left. Do you know what I saw? Everything that can go wrong, went wrong. What happened? Here’s what happened tonight:

Ryan announced that overnight, over 38 million votes were cast. After kissing Paula and Simon, Ryan went on to have a little interview with Andrew Lloyd Webber, because Andrew is not a singer, so he couldn’t perform. The interview was lengthy, and all I saw was filler. Boring.

Tonight, the group song was “All I Ask of You,” which was again, a boring song which I couldn’t get into. Maybe it was because it was a stage song, and those don’t suit idols too well. Nevertheless, it was boring. Ryan then went on to call out the two Davids. Both Davids were safe. That’s a no-brainer.

Up next was Brooke and Syesha. Even after her massive screw-up and boring song, Brooke was safe! Not even in the bottom two. That is insane. Syesha, who I thought did rather well was unsafe. Strange.

Jason Castro and Carly Smithson took the stage next. Jason was a trainwreck last night. Truly he would be in the bottom two right? No! Jason was safe, and Carly, Carly! Was unsafe. What is going on! Carly was my second favorite of last night. Carly and Syesha were the bottom two. So, from those two, I would right off the bat guess Syesha would be going home. She has had it coming to her for a while now, but who knows with how tonight was going. And there it went again! Carly was sent home! What the crap?! That’s some old bull crap right there. Peace Out.

On another note, Bush showed up on the screens to say hello. I half expected it to be Will Farell. Lol.


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