Smallville – Descent Recap 4.17.08

Holy Cow! What an episode. For weeks and weeks we’ve been getting dull episodes of Smallville. Mostly because Clarks never being Clark anymore. He just mopes around, and is Lana crazy. Now, today was a very good episode. It started off with a bang!

Lionel Luthor went to his office, where Lex met up with him, creeping out of the shadows of his dark office. Creepy. These two are the best speaking roles of Smallville, and they were arguing with each other. Amazing. Lex is looking for the other key, so he can know who once and for all, WHO the traveler is. Lionel says something crazy next, he told his son that he (Lex) was the traveler! Doesn’t make sense, but that’s interesting. Lex got upset with Lionel, grabbed his necklace, and pushed him out the window, killing him. Ahhhh Lionel is dead?? Noo

Clark and Chloe were working on finding Brainiac when the murder went down. He sees that Lex was there first thing when his father seemingly comitted suicide, Clark doesn’t believe it one bit. Lex heads back home to his mansion in Smallville.

At the mansion, Lex’s secretary showed her face again. She told Lex she was sorry to hear about Lionels death. She soon found out Lex killed him, because Lex was holding his fathers locket. She of course accepted Lex. When he opened the locket, bodda bing, it was empty, then somehow his secretary knew Lionel went to the basement of the Daily Planet right before he died. Lex is angry, goes after Chloe. Before he left, he spoke to his younger self. Its an interesting way of man battling self.

Back at Metropolis, Clark is in Lionels office, investigating. Inside Lionels safe, Clark finds a Kryptonian flashlight that Lionel somehow whipped up. Impressive. It told Clark about the two keys, and how they would somehow control him, and he needs to get a hold of those two keys.

Back at the Planet, (Daily Planet) Lois and Jimmy are working together again, they stumbled across a picture of Lionels murder, and they see that he was pushed, so they need to take the picture to Lana’s uber awesome computer technology to enhance the picture to see who killed Lionel. Before they go, they send a txt message to Chloe.

Chloe found the key Lionel left her, being the sneaky person she is, hid the key right back where she found it, in the front of her desk drawer. Lex pulled his magic trick again, and showed up out of no where. He wanted the key. Being the big detective he was, found it right away. Angry Lex then fired Chloe. Lex’s assistant was also at the Daily Planet, and found the txt to Chloe from Lois and Jimmy. Then she found the two, locked them in a freezer, and went to Lana’s computer room to delete the picture.

Then there was the confrontation between Lex and Clark. Clark wanted answers to what really happened. Lex said nothing, Clark said you killed him.

Meanwhile, Lex’s assistant found the pictures, and destroyed them, but not before Chloe saw the truth. She then saw Clark use his powers. Uh oh… She left a message saying she knew who the traveler was. Then someone showed up, sprayed her with asthma spray, then it looked like he left her there to die, but I’m skeptical.

Then there was the classic scene. Lex killed his younger self which has been haunting him all day. Killing him gave the viewer the knowlege that Lex has gone so far there is no going back. Its over for him. The last scene was Lionels funeral. And YES we finally reached their rivalry limit! They are in their spots!

Then the trailer was insane. It looks like Lex is going to find the fortress! I can’t wait! Peace out


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