American Idol: Top 7 Result Show – 4.16.08

Alright, here we go, as I sat down with my bag of Cheetos, I began to watch American Idol. The first thing I notice is the small green Fox logo on the bottom, did anyone else have that? Anyways it started off just like every results episode, the group sang a song together. They sung it exeptionally well, but it was kind of boring for me. Good thing they weren’t competing. Then Ryan began calling out the contestants name.

First off was Jason Castro. Instead of saying you’re safe, he told him to head to the right side. Usually that would mean they are safe, so automatically, that’s what I thought.

Then came David Cook, when Ryan told him to go to the left, I was like, what? Is he unsafe? What’s going on here?

Carly Smithson came out next, and was told to go to the right with Castro.

Christy Lee Cook came out next and was told to join David Cook. Both parties didnt make sense to me. On both parties, it looked like someone in that party should be a safe one, and unsafe, so I was interested in how they would play this one out.

The Idols music video then showed up. It was pretty funny. They were singing I want to break free while dressed up like marionettes.

Elliot Yamin then came on to sing, and I was like yeah whatever, get on with it.

Back to the Idols, Syesha came out next, and went to the right to join Castro and Carly

Brooke came out next and was sent to the left with both the Cooks.

Then when David Archuleta came out Ryan told him he was safe. I’m out of it, just sitting there, who is in the bottom three!? Ryan then told David Cook and Syesha to switch places. Ahh now I get it, now that the two switched, its easy to see that the bottom three is Syesha Mercado, Brooke White, and Christy Lee Cook. Syesha was the first to be told she is safe, which left Brooke and Christy. Christy then was told she was going home. 😦

I could have guessed it from the bottom two. From the bottom three, I could have sworn it was Syesha leaving, but no, she is safe, again. Brooke, I think, is too popular of a contestant to get booted from Idol at this point. Unfortunatly, its bound to happen sooner or later. Peace out!


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