New Amsterdam Recap 4.14.08

Tonight was the first season finale of New Amsterdam after a full whopping 8 episodes…. Though who can blame them when writers all over the country decided to act like morons and protest. Back to the review. After John recovered from his near death gunshot wound, John wonders is Sara is the one he is meant to be with. This was only one of the plotlines of the episode that Amsterdam had to tackle with. There were two other basic storylines as always, the flashbacks, and the case he’s working on.

The flashbacks went right along with the case, a case about conning. The flashbacks and case reminded me a lot about a certain episode of ABCs popular show “LOST” called “The Long Con” it showed us yet again another personality that John had, a con artist. Man with all these different personalities, you would think he has a sever case of schizophrenia by now, but no. It had to deal with him getting romantic with a woman, but at the same time, conning her, to get a expensive piece of jewelry. He called the con, a long con.

In the present the show started off with John swimming in nothing but his birthday suit. That’s right, kids, he was butt naked. Totally unessesary, but funny. We then watch as we see him solve the case of a dead woman. Somehow or another he found out that it was a con, much like his flash back, and was able to do a long con himself to catch the perpetrator, good stuff.

Then at the end he broke up with his girlfriend.. Whaat? Well since he didnt die that must mean she’s not the one right? Noo you idiot, my theory is she just has to believe his story, and be able to accept it. Though if you ask me, she is kind of stupid if she doesn’t believe him. She has seen him die, twice and come back fine. Helllooooo.. Oh and Johns partner at the force, she’s just as dumb, everyone has said he looks like someone from the past, and she doesn’t think anything of it! She’s just looking around the room, and sees some flowers, ooh pretty….

Now were stuck wondering what’s going to happen next. I hope that this show does get picked up for another season. There are some things I just want to see done before its done. Mostly the fact that I want to see him become mortal. I dont want to have it end only to not know if he will be living forever to never die, come on. The man needs to rest in peace. He already has 400 years of memories. That’s got to be painful…

That’s all for now, peace out!


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