New Amsterdam review 04.07.08

Today we had an average episode of “New Amsterdam.” This episode was about John’s first partner in the force. His first partner is battling the last stages of his leukemia, and the idea is, years ago he was shot, and the gunpowder spread in his blood system to give him cancer. So he is slowly dying from getting shot years ago. Now on the last week of his life he decides he wants to know who his killer is, and he wants Amsterdam to be the detective. Geez! Give the guy a break! At least hire him to find your killer a month ahead of your expected death!

Of course every episode has its LOST-like flashback scenes. Usually on New Amsterdam, the flashbacks tell a story all by themselves, I guess this is true for this episode, but unlike most episodes, I didn’t really care what happened in the flashback. I was mostly saying, “Yeah, whatever, let’s get back to the real storyline.” The flashbacks were about Amsterdam’s first day on the force, and meeting his first partner, interesting, but let’s just face the facts, I don’t care.
His first partner also had flashbacks in this. Only to tell how he was shot years ago, but those were the flashbacks where I was wondering, what’s going to happen next?

Also for being his last week to live, this man can walk around town remarkably well. He’s walking around all of New York. I’d think that would just kill him right there. One thing that made me wonder was, right after they found a dead body on the ground just outside Coney Island, its a crime scene, and yet, three feet away, there a bystander walking around with a metal detector, they would never allow that.

So finally, they catch his first partners killer, his first partner… I got a little confused at that part, but it had something to do with the bullet Amsterdam found in the sand with the metal detector. So, yay! He found the killer, then they celebrated by going onto the famous Ferris wheel recreating a scene from “Cloverfield” Then his partner died. 😦

The episode ended pretty good. It was the most interesting part of the entire episode. Supposedly Sarah is his ‘person to be with’ the person his soul is to be wed with, supposedly, which would make him mortal. But then, BAM he got shot! In the end he wakes up, but he thought he died, because he was supposed to be mortal, but he’s not, hmm. My theory is she needs to believe him in what he told her. She needs to believe he is 400 years old. She has to accept it, and still love him, only then, I believe he can be mortal.
That’s all, peace out!


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