Parental Control – Fact or Fiction?

The concept is simple. Parents try to break their children up with the person they are dating because they believe their child deservers more. But is it real? There is a pretty good chance the whole thing is an act, but here are my theories on the tv show.

The first thing you have to look at are the characters of the show, AT MOST, the characters are probably real people, which would explain the horrible acting. Some people just aren’t born to act like others are, so they end up looking ridiculous. The parents, their child, and their significant other are all probably real. The people the parents choose for their children to go on blind dates with are most likely real as well.

The auditions for the date are without doubt the most real part of each episode. Thats the only part of the entire episode that looks real. Another thing that looks real but is semi-hidden is the feelings of everyone involved. The show is meant to be funny, so the players involved are told not to look hurt, but sometimes its easy to see that.

That’s another thing, the parents think their kid’s boyfriend/girlfriend is not right for them, yet I find quite frequently that the rudest people in the show ARE the parents.

Anyways back to what’s real and fake. Everything else in the show is fake, everything, even the TV. If you look closely, they aren’t really watching a television, its put in there digitally. Every line is scripted in the show. The choice at the end that the parent’s children make is probably real. Though if their kid’s choose one of their blind dates, what happens afterwords? Do they live a long and happy relationship? Or do they end it the next day, afterall, they got their money didnt they?

I have lots of problems with this show, one being, that the kids have absolutley no problem going on two blind dates with other people. Disregarding their boyfriend/girlfriend completley. One of the other problems I had was the incredible disrespect the parents gave to their kid’s significant other.

One thing I can say about the show that I do like, and I hate this, is that I have to see how it all plays out in the end. Now I don’t care about all the crap in-between if they cut right to the choice, that would be great. But no, they have to show the dates, which by the way are completly scripted as well. For example one date the blind date said he had “connections” with six flags on a day so convieniently was closed to the public, so they had the whole park to themselves…. Yeah his connections was MTV.

One other thing, every episode shows a parent talking about their kid in the beginning, showing a nice montage of them, while they talk about how bad their kid’s boyfriend/girlfriend is, they show a bad montage of them. Now in order for them to pull that off, MTV would need their consent, which means they were probably paid a ton to make themselves look bad. One last thing before I go, one word of advice to the blind dates, don’t ever, EVER get the girl or guy a gift! Cause they will just take it back home, and their significant other will just brutally distroy those gifts. (Probably ordered by MTV)

Peace Out.


4 thoughts on “Parental Control – Fact or Fiction?”

  1. I know for a fact this show is scripted in a fanatical way to appeal to multiple genres through humorous and inside jokes as well as showing unity through parental relationships, yes terrible acting and no doubt corny in all aspects, but id say many people find themselves making their own conclusions, drawing themselves in and probably even watch the show because of how easily reality Tv appeals to the general audience and type of people that watch it, its also apparent in pawnstars, American pickers and any a and e or history “entertainment” show no matter how “educational” or “realistic” its entertainment and its a business.

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